Skull Town returns to Apex Legends with Genesis Collection Event

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As enjoyable as something new and different can be, there’s nothing quite like your first. That’s especially true when it comes to battle royale games and their maps. Apex Legends introduces changes pretty much every season, and has map rotations. Gone from that rotation is Kings Canyon — but not for long.

From June 29 to July 13, Apex Legends will have a limited-time event titled the Genesis Collection Event. While it’s a chance to earn limited-time cosmetics, it’s also a chance to play on maps we haven’t seen in a while — Season 0 Kings Canyon (home of the best area on any map, Skull Town) and Season 3 World’s Edge. The two maps will rotate every hour for Duo and Trio queues. It’ll be amazing to shoot it out in Skull Town and Thunderdome again, and I hope that this map somehow finds its way into the rotation permanently after this event is over.

For fans of 3v3 Arenas mode (assuming a player on your team didn’t leave after losing the first round), Skull Town is also coming to Arenas.

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Skull Town for Arenas makes a ton of sense for the quick round mode, forcing players into close-quarter combat situations or sniping as players jump along rooftops. It’s the best hot drop zone in any battle royale game ever (yes, it’s better than Fortnite’s Tilted Towers), and I can’t wait for it to find a home in Arenas as a standalone location.

As for rewards for the Genesis Collection Event, players will have to complete a rewards track that follows similar models for previous events. Players will be able to earn new cosmetics including weapon skins, gun charms and trackers. To do so, players can earn 1,600 event points every day through daily challenges. If you collect all of the event’s 24 items, you’ll unlock the Revenant Heirloom set, which is a sickle with some cool effects on the blade.

There are other changes that came to the game as well, including a nerf to Octane’s and Bloodhound’s cooldowns, hit box adjustments, a buff to Wattson, weapons balancing, and adjustments/balancing to Arenas. For full changes, visit the Apex Legends website.