Apex Legends is adding permanent 3v3 game mode ‘Arenas’

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Apex Legends has been a surprise hit in the battle royale genre, giving Fortnite a run for its money over the past couple of years. Apex Legends is available on almost all platforms and the best part is the game is free-to-play. Looking to build upon their success, Respawn is introducing a new permanent 3v3 game mode called Arenas.

What is Arenas?

Arenas will be the first step in expanding Apex Legends to more than just a battle royale game. This new game mode is going to pit two teams of three up against one another in a battle on much smaller maps than a typical battle royale game. This new mode will be similar to how Counter-Strike works. Instead of running around and looting the map, you will be able to shop before each round for weapons, consumables, upgrades, etc.

As you run around in the new Arenas game mode, the character that you choose won’t constantly have their abilities on a cooldown. Instead, you must purchase charges to use the abilities in order to make the game more balanced. You will still use the same characters and weapons, it will just be a little more well organized for the Arenas game mode.

How will Arenas work?

This game mode will be focused on getting in-game currency so that you are able to make purchases between rounds. In order to get this in-game currency, that will rely on getting kills and wins. Don’t worry, if you don’t get kills or round wins, you will still get some currency to use at the beginning of each new round. Unfortunately, no purchased gear follows between rounds.

Scattered across the smaller map you won’t find weapons or any type of gear loot, but you may be able to find consumables or currency that you can use to help you throughout the game. Also, halfway through each round, a Supply Drop will fall on the map that will contain three weapons. These weapons can be picked up by either team so make sure you are quick enough to get to these Supply Drops quickest. The level of the loot inside each of these drops will be based on how far along the game is. The later rounds will feature much higher quality weapons while the earlier rounds will feature much more common weapons.

The Rules

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In order to win a round in Arenas, you must eliminate each member of the opposing team. There are no respawns as each player gets one life per round. However, if you or a teammate is downed, you are able to be revived. If you are looking to win the match, you will need to win three rounds by a two-round margin. What that means is that if the round score is tied 2-2 the next round doesn’t win the match. Instead, it will just give the winning team a 3-2 round lead heading into the sixth round. If neither team can gain any ground on each other and the match ends up going 4-4, this will be considered a deadlock tie. That means Round 9 would be considered to be the deciding round for the match. The game can last as quickly as three rounds or as long as a full nine rounds.

Arenas is set to launch will the release of Apex Legends Legacy on May 4. Along with Arenas on May 4, a new Battle Pass, character, and weapon will also launch. By the way, if you are wondering how many maps Arenas will feature, that would be a total of three at launch and two more released in the coming weeks after launch.

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Apex Legends is making a big move here by not just focusing on battle royale gameplay. This move by Respawn Entertainment is looking like it is going to be a huge success by the looks of the Apex Legends Legacy trailer. It will be interesting to see that if this move turns out to be a big success if other battle royale games will slowly start to follow suit.