Resident Evil Village: New DLC is currently in development

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Resident Evil Village has gotten off to a crazy good start. In the month of May, Resident Evil Village was the best selling video game. However, it doesn’t just stop there. Resident Evil Village had the highest grossing launch video game sales in 2021. The franchise as a whole has always been very popular, but to achieve such an amazing feat is definitely worth talking about.

Capcom’s E3 showcase was held today and right off the bat fans were given the news that a new Resident Evil DLC is currently in development. There were not any more details given regarding to what this new DLC will entail, but just knowing that Capcom is going to keep building off of this game is sure to give gamers a lot of hope that Capcom will not let this game die out anytime soon.

After all of the abundance of positive reviews and having the highest grossing launch video game sales of 2021, Capcom cannot afford to take their eyes off of Resident Evil Village. This definitely won’t be the last DLC for Resident Evil Village and if it is, I would be very surprised. A game that has done this well in the first two months of release can not be something that is overlooked. Capcom has the advantage to try and milk all that they can out of this video game without the game becoming too repetitive. The DLCs that will be released will be created so that gamers can continue to play the game over and over again with  new content.

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Capcom also touched on Resident Evil Re:Verse which is a multiplayer add-on that will be included with Resident Evil Village. Although it was expected to launch alongside the game, Capcom confirmed it will now be launching in July 2021. This new multiplayer mode will be great for the franchise because it always seems to appear that 99% of games are always a little more enjoyable when you have someone to play it with.

If you are looking forward to the multiplayer experience, the good news is that you only have to wait about a month. As far as the DLC goes, it appears as you will have to wait a little bit longer as it is currently only in development and hasn’t even finished the development process. Don’t worry, you will have no problem passing the time playing through Resident Evil Village as there is more than enough for gamers to do in the game in the meantime. Until there is more news revealed on this DLC, you can play Resident Evil Village now and it will be well worth the playthrough.