Resident Evil Re:Verse looks like silly multiplayer fun

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When Capcom hosted its Resident Evil Village showcase, I don’t think anyone expected the announcement of Resident Evil Re:Verse. The multiplayer experience is free for anyone who buys Resident Evil Village with a goal to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

Not much was revealed about the multiplayer offshoot, except that it celebrates the franchise by pitting popular Resident Evil characters against each other in iconic Resident Evil locations. Players can choose from their favorite characters in the franchise, each with their own unique skillsets, and the goal is to take out others in four- to six-player deathmatch battles. There is another cool twist and that is when you die, you respawn into a mutant bioweapon, such as Nemesis, Super Tyrant, the mutated frog from Resident Evil 3, and Jack Baker from Resident Evil 7.

It sounded intriguing but now we got our first look at gameplay courtesy of the closed beta that recently went live. YouTuber KendoGunShop Survivor Horror shared multiple gameplay videos of Resident Evil Re:Verse with footage of Claire Redfield, Leon, Ada, Jill, Hunk and Chris.

Each character does, in fact, appear to have a unique passive along with two active abilities and varying stats. The Bioweapons have two active abilities each.

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The goal of Resident Evil Re:Verse is simple and straightforward. Kill others and earn points. It looks like a basic arcade multiplayer experience and I’m totally okay with that.

I think as long as you go into Re:Verse with your expectations in check, you’ll come away pleased. It’s a basic multiplayer experience that celebrates the roster of characters and biomutants from the long-running franchise. Plus, it’s a free experience.

As long as it doesn’t take away from Resident Evil Village — which I don’t think it will — then it could provide a couple of hours of silly fun. Resident Evil Village (along with Resident Evil Re:Verse) launches on May 7, 2021. Capcom hasn’t announced if a public beta for the multiplayer experience will become available. In the meantime, be sure to check out The Maiden demo for a look at what Resident Evil Village will play like.