This Among Us Chicken McNugget is definitely sus

InnerSloth /

What do you do if you have loads of expendable income? While NFTs and trading cards are all the rage right now, there’s been an unexpected auction for something I don’t think anyone saw coming — a McDonald’s chicken McNugget shaped like a character from Among Us.

The Among Us-shaped nugget was auctioned off on ebay and sold for a winning bid of $99,997. There were 184 bids on the… I guess we could call it a collectible?

That’s a lot to pay for a chicken nugget, but thanks to a recommendation from the official Xbox account, the winning buyer is also getting a side of Szechuan Sauce.

Seller polizna also happens to have a packet of the  Szechuan Sauce and said they will ship it with the nugget at the buyer’s request.

Normally I’m skeptical of food items that people try to pass off as characters or other pop culture things, but this one is actually pretty spot on. Of course, it’s not like the characters in Among Us are a particularly odd shape. It’s helpful that the character’s arms are always by their side (unless murdering).

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Admittedly, I’m also not sure how well this food item will hold up. The seller states the item will be “frozen and air sealed to ensure freshness with secure shipping method” via USPS First Class. The seller also notes that the food product has an average expiration date of “about 14 days.” Although it will be delivered prior to the expiration, I probably wouldn’t risk opening it. And I definitely wouldn’t eat it.

So really, I don’t know what you do with a thing like this. Do you put it on your shelf and display it proudly? I’d like to know who actually purchased it and what they plan on doing with it.

On a related note, developer Innersloth is readying the next major update for Among Us. Innersloth has been teasing some new color additions coming to the game and we already know the update will introduce a new 15-player lobby. However, we’ll have to wait for Summer Game Fest to learn more details.