Among Us: What we know about the ’15 Player Update’

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With the Summer Game Fest approaching and Innersloth hard at work on the next major update for Among Us, we’re breaking down what we know so far.

Innersloth first teased the next big update in April, just shortly after the release of the Airship map. They kept their plans for the update relatively top level, teasing 15 player lobbies, new player colors, an improved art style and other bug fixes and improvements.

Since then, Innersloth has been using the Among Us Twitter channel to tease what they’ve been working on.

15 Player Lobbies

This is probably the biggest new feature/change as it will increase the number of players allowed in a game. Innersloth hasn’t offered any details on 15 player lobbies, such as what maps will support it or the ratio of crewmates to imposters, but I’m personally excited for the potential this will allow for.

As much as I love the Airship map, it can feel kind of empty with 10 players. 15 seems like a good jump, but only if they add another Imposter.

With the inccrase in players, Innersloth also has to rework the meeting screen to handle all the new crewmates.

"There’ll also be a new intro when meetings are called that accentuates the information between the reporter and who exactly died between rounds, as seen below. Note the image below might not be final."

New Colors

So far Innersloth has revealed two new colors on the way: Rose, which is basically pink, and gray (or grey). Here’s what they look like:

And here’s gray:

This update will add a total of six new colors, which means four more are still to be revealed. Innersloth acknowledged that with the colors they already offer, it was hard to find new ones that will “automatically be visually distinct from all the others.”

With that said, the developer is looking for an alternative way for players to be able to identify others besides simply color — especially in terms of accessibility and colorblindness. Ideas are being workshopped but nothing was announced so far.

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Among Us at Summer Game Fest

Innersloth will reveal more about the upcoming update at Summer Game Fest 2021, which begins on June 10, 2021, just days before E3. Kickoff Live, the main event, will take place on June 10 at 11:00 a.m. PT/2:00 p.m. ET. It’s unclear when exactly Innersloth will take the stage, but I have to assume it will be during this initial showcase. Hopefully we get some more details and perhaps a release window for the update.

Maybe we’ll also get release dates for the Xbox and PlayStation versions of Among Us as well.