Apex Legends: New 3v3 Arena update punishes you for leaving

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One of the biggest requests lately for Apex Legends is that there be some sort of punishment against players who decide to leave a 3v3 Arena‘s game early. Leaving a 3v3 Arena’s game early instantly puts your team at a disadvantage and is unfair for your fellow teammates. Without any type of consequence, frustrated gamers are quitting mid-match.

However, that hopefully won’t be the case for long. In the most recent update, there are now punishments in place for gamers who think it’s fine to leave the game early. When you go to leave a game, a warning will pop up that states that leaving  will result in a 10-minute lockout. If any player tries to ignore this warning and back out anyway, that 10-minute lockout will then be put into effect. During that 10-minute lockout you will not be able to find a match.

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This punishment is similar to the one in Rocket League where if you decide to leave a match that is in progress you will be banned from online play for 5 minutes. While the 10-minute lockout might not seem like a major penalty, it is more than enough time for a gamer to be annoyed and rethink if they want to continuously leave games that are in progress.

Additionally, if you are partied up in a duo or even trio, the 10-minute lockout punishment only goes to the leader who backed out. All of the other members of the party aren’t affected.

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This new feature has been widely talked about being an addition to Apex Legends. Now with the new feature finally added, it will be interesting to see how many people actually stay in games and finish them rather than cutting out early and leaving. I am sure that it will decrease people leaving games slightly, but not all together. After all, it is near impossible to completely prevent people from leaving a game, but this should help reduce the amount of leavers.