You can make your own box art for Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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Later this month, on May 14th, we’re going to be seeing the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The game will feature remastered versions of the first three Mass Effect games while ignoring the criminally underrated Andromeda, but we’re not here to talk about that.

What we’re here to talk about is the fact that BioWare absolutely recognizes the hype for the game and as such, they’ve allowed people to make their own box art.

Heading to this website here, it will walk you through a series of questions.

First, it’ll ask you your alignment. This determines how the main color scheme for the game is, blue to red to a blue to red gradient. I went with blue. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else, I’m just a soft boy who genuinely feels guilt making negative choices in games. My character in Fable had a rainbow and butterflies by the end of the game. Just saying.

From there you pick your most trusted. I, of course, went with my number one best girl and stock photo thief, Tali’Zorah. This person is large over the silhouette of your noggin.

From there you pick your back up, these are like the people you know will come in and hold the fort for you. Your squad. Then the cavalry. Basically, you’re deciding what characters you want on the box from largest to smallest amount of real estate.

After that, you pick several scenes. I went with the Reapers descending on Earth because it fit with my blue motif. When you’re done you get three options.

First and foremost, you can share. This is a wonderful way to let the internet tell you why you’re wrong on the social media service of your choice and here more and more people try to sound unique while describing why they get horned up for Garrus.

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After that is a 4K Wallpaper option. This one’s pretty cool for just about any reason as it’s honestly really pretty and makes a good wallpaper or social media profile banner.

And then finally, my personal favorite is Box Art. This does exactly what you’d think. It generates a custom version of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition box art, complete with all the stuff on the back like the description of the game, the screenshots, the ESRB and legal information. Everything and then some. And it’s in the correct format where you can print that bad boy (or girl) out and stuff it in the sleeve when you get the game later this month.

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