MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show: How to add 4th pitch in RTTS

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Earlier this week, Sony San Diego released Game Update 3 for MLB The Show 21. It was a pretty beefy update that featured numerous gameplay fixes for all aspects of the game and even added a few new features, like a search function in the Stadium Creator Vault.

But one of the highlights of the update that Road to the Show players will particularly be excited about is the ability to finally add a fourth pitch for your pitcher. As we noted when MLB The Show 21 first launched, it appeared there was an issue with pitchers in RTTS that was preventing players from adding a fourth pitch. Pitchers were seemingly capped at just three max.

We weren’t sure at the time if this was intended or if it was a bug. We still don’t really know what the issue was, but this latest update does address the problem. According to the Game Update 3 patch notes:

"Players will now be able to add additional pitches to your Ballplayer through training sessions in RTTS"

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Sony never particularly addressed what the problem was, but either way, it appears to be fixed. We have confirmation that you can now add new additional pitches for your Ballplayer in the Bullpen section of your training sessions in Road to the Show. For a more in-depth explanation of changing your pitches in RTTS, check out this article here.

As a reminder, in this year’s game your Road to the Show Ballplayer can be brought into Diamond Dynasty where you can continue to improve upon their stats.

Overall, this was a much-needed update for MLB The Show 21, which has suffered from numerous issues since launch. It’s still a great game, but between the bugs and the server problems, it’s had a rocky start. Hopefully, Sony San Diego continues to stay on top of the issues and gets them fixed.