MLB The Show 21: How to use your RTTS Ballplayer in Diamond Dynasty

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In this year’s MLB The Show 21, the signature modes Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty are brought together through your Ballplayer. When you create a Ballplayer in MLB The Show 21, you are able to play through Road to the Show, which is basically like a single-player journey into the big leagues, and then play with that same player in Diamond Dynasty, which is the game’s version of an Ultimate Team digital card game.

In previous MLB The Show games, you would have to create a new player every time you wanted to focus on a position. MLB The Show 21 changes that with an approach more akin to MyPlayer in the NBA 2K series. Now you create one single Ballplayer, who’s capable of being a two-way player, and you can change their position on the fly.

When looking at the main menu, select the top left icon at the screen by your username. This will take you to your Ballplayer. From this menu, you can change your appearance, name, pose and also your loadout. The loadout is what determines your position for Diamond Dynasty.

When looking at your Ballplayer’s Loadout, you’ll see three triangles that represent Archetypes. The first one (the big one) is Rarity, and this determines what position your Ballplayer will be in Road to the Show.

Each Archetype under Rarity has Preferred Positions associated with it. Slick Fielding, for example, is the most flexible with preferred positions anywhere in the infield and outfield. Slugger’s preferred positions are only First Base, Catcher, Third Base, Left Field or Right Field.

Before we take the next step, let’s look at the archetypes and their preferred positions:

  • Slugger: 1B, C, 3B, Lf, RF
  • Sparkplug: 2B, C, 1B, SS, LF, CF, RF
  • Speedster: CF, 2B, SS, LF, RF
  • Slick Fielding: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF
  • Painter: SP
  • Filthy: RP
  • Cheese: RP

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Here’s where things get a little confusing when trying to find your player in Diamond Dynasty. Although each Archetype has multiple preferred positions, the first one listed is considered the “Primary Position.” That is the position where you’ll find your Ballplayer card when looking at your Diamond Dynasty roster. So Slugger, for example, will be found at 1B, while Sparkplug will be found at 2B. You can look at the above list and the bold positions are the Archetype’s primary.

Once your Ballplayer is actually in your lineup, you are free to move them to one of their secondary positions if you want to. As you play the game and upgrade your Ballplayer’s progressions, you’ll unlock additional Archetypes that are associated with Primary Positions like Shortstop and Third Base.

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