Marvel’s Avengers: Everything you need to know about the Tachyon Anomaly Event


Yesterday, Crystal Dynamics released Patch V1.6.0 for Marvel’s Avengers. The update sets the stage for this week’s Tachyon Anomaly Event.

For those of you who have stuck with the co-op superhero action-adventure game, this is probably the event you’ve been long waiting for. Why? Because for the first time, you’ll be able to play missions with friends all as the same character.

The Tachyon Anomaly Event introduces a narrative-driven reason for how this is possible.

"AIM’s tampering with time has led to periodic Tachyon Anomalies. Whenever these events occur, Avengers from different timelines can converge in a single location and take on the world’s threats together."

Basically, Marvel’s Avengers has seemingly always had this ability but there needed to be a narrative reason for it to make sense. From a story perspective, it makes sense but from a gameplay stance, just make it so everyone can play as whoever they want. Well, that’s exactly what this event will allow! Here are the details for Marvel’s Avengers Tachyon Anomaly event.

When does the Tachyon Anomaly Event begin in Marvel’s Avengers?

It sounds like the Tachyon Anomaly will be a regularly occurring event. The first event begins on April 22 and runs through May 3.

What are Tachyon Rifts?

Tachyon Rifts are timed missions that usually require a hero with Power Level 140+. Typically one Tachyon Rift is available on the War Table per week, and it rewards players with powerful Cosmic Gear that grants Willpower (Life) upon attacking enemies. Players must complete the SHIELD Substation Zero Mission Chain to unlock Tachyon Rift Missions.

However, during the Tachyon Anomaly Event, multiple Tachyon Rift Missions will appear at one time, including some new missions for heroes who are Power Level 1-100. These new missions will rotate every day and offer relevant rewards.

Missions and rewards during Tachyon Anomaly Event

The Tachyon Anomaly will feature a variety of activities involving Tachyon Rifts. During the event, there will be a weekly mission chain that rewards players with Hivemind Set Gear as well as daily missions that reward Priority Set Gear for high-level Heroes.

Multiple Tachyon Rift Missions will be available at a time and during these missions, you can form teams composed of more than one of the same hero. So you can have four Iron Men or four Hulks or any combination.

As a reward for completing the weekly mission, you’ll receive an animated team nameplate, one of the new types of cosmetics being introduced into Marvel’s Avengers.

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You’ll also be able to purchase Hero-specific animated nameplates from the Marketplace throughout the event. Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Hulk nameplates will be available from April 22-29, while Iron Man, Captain America, Ms. Marvel and Kate Bishop nameplates will be available from April 29-May 6.

Will the Tachyon Anomaly Event return in the future?

Seeing as how Crystal Dynamics phrased this as the “first” Tachyon Anomaly, it sounds like this will be a regularly occurring event. The question is how regular it will be? Will it be a once-a-month type thing? Once a year? We don’t really know.

I’m hoping it’s on the more frequent end because not being able to play as multiples of the same hero is a real bummer. I understand the story reasons behind it, but from a gameplay perspective, it would be more fun if there were no restrictions on the heroes you could play as in a Strike Team.