Marvel’s Avengers will finally let you play as the same hero in Avengers Initiative

Marvel's Avengers from Square Enix
Marvel's Avengers from Square Enix /

Following this week’s Square Enix Presents, Crystal Dynamics took to the blog to share a 2021 content roadmap for Marvel’s Avengers. There’s a lot on the way for the multiplayer superhero action game, including the arrival of Black Panther later this year. But one fan-requested feature that has been asked for since the launch of the game is the ability to play as multiple of the same hero in the Avengers Initiative multiplayer portion of the game.

Now for the sake of story and lore, I understand why Crystal Dynamics would limit it to just one hero at a time in the same mission. But from a pure fun aspect, it sucks now being able to play as a hero if someone else in your squad has already selected them.

Like with the release of Clint Barton, I’m sure everyone wants to try out the newest hero. But unfortunately, only one player at a time can use him in the Avengers Initiative.

This will all change soon though. Coming this spring will be the Tachyon Anomaly, an event that will allow you to play as any combination of your favorite heroes. Here’s what Crystal Dynamics had to say:

"Since launch, we have heard players ask if more than one of the same Hero can be present in a Strike Team. We’re happy to announce that during the Temporal Assault event, you’ll be able to play multiple of the same hero in the Avengers Initiative. If you’ve always wanted to see what a team of four Hulks is like, this event is for you!"

During this event, Tachyon Rift Missions will appear more frequently and will be scaled for power levels 1-100.

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Unfortunately, it sounds like is only a temporary event which means the ability to play as multiple of the same hero may not stick around beyond the Tachyon Anomaly. Of course, it’s possible that the event could offer some sort of multiverse story explanation that makes this feature a permanent addition to the game, which I’m sure we all want.

What’s odd is that this functionality already appears to be built into the game. Jumping into the game yesterday after being away for a few months, a friend and I started the Kate Bishop campaign which, when you first being, makes you play as Iron Man. With both of us playing it together, we both went to the Outpost as Tony Stark. So the functionality is definitely there, just waiting to be activated. This seemingly suggests the story is holding back our ability to play as multiple of the same hero right now.