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Over the past week, I had the opportunity to preview Set 5 for Riot Games’ auto-battler, Teamfight Tactics. As is the case with every new set, TFT: Reckoning, will introduce a new mechanic, new Origins, Classes and Champions, a new Season Pass and more. Here’s a quick rundown of everything new in TFT: Reckoning.

Player Agency vs Randomness

Before we get into two of the big new features in Set 5, it’s important to understand what Riot learned with TFT: Fates and how they used their learnings to influence the mechanics of TFT: Reckoning. Since the launch of Teamfight Tactics, there’s been an emphasis on balancing player agency with the game’s randomness.

Teamfight Tactics has always been a game about adapting to the cards you are dealt. But with mechanics like Galaxies or Chosen, it almost felt like a lot of decisions was out of the player’s control. It was more about being reactionary to the game’s elements rather than carving your own path towards victory through your own personal decisions. Two of Reckoning’s core mechanics promote player agency: Armory and Shadow Items.


The carousel is still prominently featured in the game. However, one of the new mechanics emphasizing player agency is the Armory, a pop-up carousel that gives you the chance to choose from a selection of item components. While the items available in the Armory are random, the fact that you can make the selection of which one you want to choose gives you a certain amount of control over your fate. It’s a nice balance between the randomness element and player choice.

Shadow Items

This emphasis on player choice is heightened with the addition of Shadow Items, variants of the traditional TFT items that have been corrupted by the magic of the Black Mist. Shadow Items are more powerful than their original counterparts but usually come with a risky drawback.

Zeke’s Herald (Giants Belt + BF Sword), for example, grants +30% Attack Speed to allies within 1 hex of the same row; however, Zeke’s Evil Herald (in which one of those components are a Shadow Component) steals up to 40% Attack Speed from nearby allies and gives it to the wearer. So you’ll have to decide if giving a single unit more Attack Speed is worth the risk of lowering the Attack Speed of nearby units. If you’ve got a really strong carry that’s dependent on Attack Speed, it might be worth sitting them next to tanky champions that aren’t necessarily as reliant on Attack Speed.

With Rabadon’s Deathcap (Needlessly Large Rod + Needlessly Large Rod), the wearer gains 50 additional Spell Power. However, Rabadon’s Cursed Deathcap grants 80% additional Spell Power to the holder but at the penalty of -25% Max Health.

Players will have to weigh the risk versus reward of Shadow Items. Are the benefits worth the drawbacks? In my opinion, TFT: Reckoning is the best balance we’ve had between player agency and game randomness yet.

New Origins, Classes and Champions

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TFT: Reckoning will introduce features an assortment of champions with new classes and traits that are reflective of the Good versus Evil battle. Even champions that have been featured in previous sets have undergone a transformation and may have different abilities or traits.

There are a total of 58 Champions spread across 13 Traits and 14 Classes. In Set 5, there are three more Trait Champions than in previous sets, which will help encourage late-game flexibility.

Perhaps the most intriguing Champion is Teemo, a Cruel/Hellion/Invoker. Cruel champions are purchased with Little Legend Health instead of gold, so it’s another risk versus reward situation.

Hyper Roll

As previously announced, the TFT: Reckoning update will introduce Labs, new and experimental ways to play TFT. The first Lab mode coming is Hyper Roll, a fast-paced form of play that’s designed to last around 15 minutes.

Players start with 10 health and lose one HP for every round lost. This jumps to two HP per loss in the later rounds. There is no gold interest, so there’s no sense in saving gold. Reroll to your heart’s content. Neutral minion rounds, item drops, leveling and carousel rules have also been changed for this mode.

Hyper Roll and other Labs will have a separate and slightly different ranked system than the core Teamfight Tactics ranked. There will be exclusive rewards tied to the Hyper Roll ranks as well.

Reckoning Pass, Arenas and Booms

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TFT: Reckoning will have its own season pass, giving players a track of rewards to work through as they play the game. By simply playing games and completing missions, you’ll earn XP that can be used to unlock various cosmetics.

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Reckoning will have a free Season Pass as well as the Pass+, which features seven more collectible treasures such as booms, arenas and the new Pengu Little Legend — all exclusive to Set 5.

There are three new Arenas in the Reckoning Pass: Sanctum of Order, Realm of Harmony and Court of Chaos. There are also two additional interactive arenas separate from the Pass. The Splash Party Arena doesn’t necessarily fit the theme of Reckoning as it’s a summer-themed beach party complete with the Scuttle Shack, water slide and other fun designs. The Count Spatula Arena is more in line with the theme and includes a win-streak-powered Spatula, live band, fabulous portrait, and a spooky ambiance.

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There are also new Booms for laying the hammer on opponents: Infernal Flock, Prismatic Smite, WIngs of Fury and Rune Surge.