TFT 2021 roadmap: Set 5, new ‘Turbo’ mode, Spectate and more

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The 2021 roadmap for Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is filled with exciting new things, including two new Sets, a new mode and the ability to spectate games.

Riot Games has big plans for Teamfight Tactics in the coming year. In a newly released video, TFT product lead TJ Bourus (Green Teej) provided an overview of all the new features and modes coming to the game this year.

Season 2021 includes two new full sets and a new “shorter” mode. There will also be a continued emphasis on eSports, including the addition of a new Spectate feature.

Festival of Beasts

Up first this year is the Festival of Beasts, the mid-set update. We’ve covered this extensively over the past few weeks. Set 4.5 removes six traits and 19 champions and replaces them with seven new traits (including Slayer, Fable, Dragonsoul, Executioner, Syphoner, Blacksmith and more) and 20 total champions. Festival of Beasts will bring a new ranked stage and ranked emotes, two completely unique Arenas (Club 2 and Lunar City), a new battle pass with cosmetics, and lots more.

Festival of Beasts arrives with patch 11.2 on January 20.

Set 5 and beyond

This Spring, we’re getting Set 5. This is a brand new set that appears to have a “good versus evil” theme. Specifics weren’t mentioned, but some of the champions shown included Garen, Riven, Darius, Volibear, Morgana, Teemo and Viego (aka the Ruined King).

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“Turbo” Mode

Arriving alongside Set 5 will be a brand new mode for TFT. Bourus referred to this mode as “something turbo.” More specifically, it’s a mode that you can play “when you’re shorter on time.”

“It’s still TFT, but a bit simpler and much faster,” he added. Current Teamfight Tactics matches run around 30 minutes or so, so I’m going to guess this new mode will halve that. How that will be accomplished while still retaining the core mechanics of TFT remains to be seen.

eSports and Spectate

The Teamfight Tactics Fates Championship is underway and the regional qualifiers have become. To improve the viewing experience for these events, Riot has begun development on a Spectator feature specifically for esports viewership. The goal is to have this ready by Set 5’s finals.

And more…

Set 5 will have a mid-set drop this summer. This fall, we can expect Set 6 to arrive.