Mr. X Nightmare: Streets of Rage 4 finally gets new DLC

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Almost a year ago in April of 2020, developers DotEmu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games graced us with Streets of Rage 4 and it was an absolute bop. Not only was the game absolutely exceptional as a traditional beat ’em up, but it also featured a ton of unlockables including extra characters and versions of the characters from past games. The replay value was massive but the developers were silent.

After a few months, all the secrets the game had were laid bare. There was nothing else to find and while it felt like the game was tailor-made for content updates like more characters and stages but the developer was staggeringly quiet despite the massive demand for more.

Now, nearly a year later, an announcement dropped on YouTube that yes Virginia, there will be more Streets of Rage 4 DLC.

The DLC, titled “Mr. X Nightmare,” is a paid DLC that not only includes new stages but new modes and, most importantly, new characters… and also a swordfish.

The new stages include a survival stage where you must survive wave after wave of enemies in a fighting ring that slowly introduces environmental traps. Weapons occasionally drop in as well as you see how long you can survive.

There will also be three characters but, as of yet, the only one that was revealed was Estel. Players of vanilla SoR4 will recognize her as being that grenade happy cop that attacked you multiple times over the course of the story mode.

There will also be character customization where you can not only change the color of your characters but also changes up some of their moves. The trailer shows everything from new combos to brand new specials.

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At the same time there will also be a free update that happens alongside it that will feature a practice mode for perfecting your combos, new palette options for the game itself, and, if you absolutely want to punish yourself a brand new “New Mania +” difficulty if the original wasn’t punishing enough for you.

While there hasn’t been an official release date announced as of yet, if I had to guess, I’d guess the 30th of this month as that would be the one-year anniversary of Streets of Rage 4 and this is supposed to be in celebration of the game’s success so if they’re looking for a meaningful date they couldn’t do much better than that.

Either way, you can pre-order the DLC on Steam right now or just wait patiently for it on console. I am beyond excited to hop back in the game though as it was my obsession for over a month.