Streets of Rage 4: How to unlock the secret stages

Scattered throughout the levels of Streets of Rage 4 are arcade machines that will lead you to some secret stages inspired by the original game. Here’s what we know so far.

So, if you’re a person who likes fun, you’ve probably been playing Streets of Rage 4. It’s exceptional.

I’ve already played through the game five times now and I just realized something. Scattered throughout the game are arcade machines. There’s one in almost every stage, by itself, normally in weird spots. Hit them and you’ll get money or food. It’s nothing spectacular.

But, you know those super annoying cops in black that hit you with tasers? They’re about to become your buddies. There are a few times where these enemies show up near an arcade machine. When you take them out, hold on to that taser and do not use it at all. When you clear out all the enemies, use it on an arcade machine like the machine shown here (I’m even holding a taser in the picture for ya).


When you do, the machine breaks like normal. But a second later the screen goes wavy and you find yourself in a section of an older Streets of Rage, where you have to fight a boss that isn’t in the regular game. So far I found four.

The one in the police station in stage two that was shown above that takes you here:


One in the arcade at the end of the old pier, which is stage four, that takes you here:


There’s one in the bar in stage five, shortly before you see Roo bartending. The taser, instead of coming from an enemy, is hidden in a nearby table.

The last one is right before the boss of the Art Gallery when you find yourself in the backroom by a pile of golden chickens. The taser is hidden on the ground behind the boxes in the bottom corner and I’m not going to spoil where that takes you because that one is my favorite.

There are others though and I have not figured out how to get a secret from them as they’re often in spots with absolutely no tasers. I think there might be other items that also do something so I’m experimenting. I also know that you can interact with the intercom at the desk in the art gallery, a person is hiding behind. I still don’t understand what I can do with it. We know Streets of Rage 4 has a ton of secrets yet to be discovered (I know you do something, golden chicken, I know you do) but for now these will have to hold us over until we find more.

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