Sanrio x Animal Crossing: Everything Chelsea’s Amiibo card unlocks

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The Animal Crossing: New Horizons crossover with Sanrio (the folks behind Hello Kitty) amiibo cards are now available. There are six cards that you can collect, available only at Target in the United States.

Each of these has a picture of a camper filled with furniture themed after a particular Sanrio character as well as showing a driver who is loosely themed after that particular character. One of the things I absolutely love about this is that the animals driving aren’t the same kind of character as the character. There is a gorilla representing “Hello Kitty”, a sheep representing the twins, Kiki and Lala, and even a deer representing the pink flop-earred rabbit “My Melody”. They’re all designed to look less like the character but more like a villager obsessed with the character. A fan. I love the concept.

Speaking of the deer though, this set gives us card S5 otherwise known as Chelsea. This pure white deer with lime green hair and a love of all things pink bunny comes with a ton of furniture and clothing when her card is scanned at either the Town Hall ATM and Harv’s Island. Here’s all the My Melody stuff you get with the card.

That is just a lot of pink. Most of the Sanrio furniture has a lot of diversity when it comes to the colors their stuff comes with by My Melody specializes in all pink everything and her items follow suit.

I will say though, I love the hood. If I had to pick one thing I like the most from this set it would be that.

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I’m not big on pink but I’ve seen it in motion recently and I’m very happy with the fact that the ears actually flap as your character runs and moves around. I thought it was just going to be a still hood but the ears move around and as much as my character would probably not sport it, having the option to have long flop-ears on your character is…weirdly tempting.

And as for the villager herself, as I said, Chelsea is a white deer with lime green hair sporting pink My Melody accessories. Normally you would think bold pink and lime green wouldn’t match well. Well, guess what? You’re absolutely right.

Chelsea looks like a deer if that deer wandered around in April and just ate plastic Easter grass and plastic eggs. She…does not look well.

But she is a normal type villager despite her color scheme absolutely not being the same. This is good because they’re one of the easiest types to max out friendship with so she’s very low maintenance. If you decide you need this Day-Glo deer on your island, make sure to scan her at the ATM at Town Hall. It might take a try or two but soon you’ll have this white fright on your island.