Sanrio x Animal Crossing Cards: Everything Rilla’s card gives you

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Sanrio, the folks behind global phenom “Hello Kitty,” recently started their second crossover with Animal Crossing. This time, the crossover is with Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch.

There are six cards that you can collect and they are currently from Target only in the United States. Each of these has a picture of a camper filled with furniture themed after a particular Sanrio character. They also show a driver who is loosely themed after that particular character.

One of the things I absolutely love about this is that the animals driving aren’t the same kind of character as the character. The rabbit “My Melody” is represented by a deer villager named Chelsea who is wearing rabbit ears. Hello Kitty is represented by a gorilla. It’s amazing.

Speaking of, that gorilla’s name is Rilla and we’re going to go into what her card gives you. You can either scan the card at the ATM in the Town Hall or Harv’s Island. Doing so will automatically unlock the furniture and clothing from the card. The only catch is that it goes into the promotional items shop and you can purchase only five things a day from it unless you’re a dirty time traveler.

But scanning the Hello Kitty themed gorilla’s card will add all the Hello Kitty-themed furniture and clothing seen here:

Admittedly, that’s pretty dang cute. I did not expect that level of quality. Everything from the textures to the creativity is turned up to 11 here. One of my personal favorites is the planter which I plan(t) to get a ton of and pattern the city of the street with about six of them because why not.

Sanrio x Animal Crossing Cards: Everything Rilla's card gives you
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In addition, if you scan this card at the ATM in the Town’s Square, you can also invite the special Hello Kitty themed villager known as Rilla and…man is she something. Just…just look at her.

Sanrio x Animal Crossing Cards: Everything Rilla's card gives you
Nintendo /

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A lot of choices were made here from the giant eyes, to nostrils that resemble Hello Kitty’s signature hair bow. I think the goal for these characters was to create villagers that looked like dedicated fans of the particular character as opposed to recreating the characters themselves.

While I would have loved the chance to have Hello Kitty living on my island, having a chibi obsessed gorilla that looks like it ate its lipstick and got into a fight with its eyeliner is the kind of hot mess my island welcomes with open arms. Just remember to visit Rilla at the campgrounds after scanning the card. It might take two or three tries but keep at it and you’ll go bananas when this bizarre ape moves in.

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