Genshin Impact: How to fix Lisa

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Lisa was one of the characters I was most excited about when Genshin Impact was preparing to launch. I was even more excited when I learned that she’s one of the starter characters that every player gets. Unfortunately, Lisa is one of the worst characters in the game, if not the worst.

That’s not to say you can’t get big damage numbers, but the investment put into her would be better served on literally any other character.

There was a huge outcry when Zhongli wasn’t the hard DPS unit that players wanted, so miHoYo gave him tons of buffs that made him great. Why can’t Lisa get the same love?

Genshin Impact: How to fix Lisa

Let’s look at Lisa’s problems. First, her Elemental Skill, Violet Arc, takes too long to cast. It summons an orb that gives the Conductive status, and holding it creates a lightning bolt that does more damage to enemies with multiple stacks of Conductive. The cooldown is only one second, but you need to hit enemies three times to maximize the damage from the hold. It would take roughly over four seconds to mark an enemy enough times to deal its max damage. It takes too long to get even a passable amount of damage out. It also requires enemies to be nearby, which brings me to her next problem.

Her Elemental Burst, Lightning Rose, pushes enemies away. If we look at other character with spacing tools like Venti, Ganyu and even Anemo Traveler, we can see that attracting enemies to set up combination attacks is one of the game’s most powerful abilities. Pushing enemies away not only makes it more difficult for follow-up attacks, it does the opposite of what her Skill wants to do. It even pushes enemies away from the Rose’s attack range, making this Burst almost useless.

Other characters have Skills and Bursts that combo with each other. Ganyu, for example, can use her Trail of the Qilin Skill to drop a decoy that taunts and attracts enemies. This corrals them for her Burst, Celestial Shower, that rains ice chunks in a certain area. Even Amber can do something similar with her kit. Lisa’s awkward and slow abilities makes her extremely difficult to use, and ultimately not worth the resources to level her up.

There’s a simple fix to both of these problems that I propose.

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Her Elemental Skill’s hold and tap functions need to be reversed. Holding the Skill can create an electric pulse, and holding it longer would let out more pulses to inflict Conductive. Then, tapping it to summon the lightning bolt would make the payoff feel more satisfying.

On the Burst end, it simply just needs to attract enemies rather than repel them. Enemies would be dealt Electro damage continuously while being pulled into the Lightning Rose. This would allow Lisa to use the modified Skill I just detailed, or would allow her to function as a Burst support options for characters like Tartaglia.

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It’s easy to dismiss fixes for the starter characters, especially since the game entices you to Wish for other characters. What I like about Genshin Impact is that it has deep gameplay that belies its reputation as a Gacha game, where characters can all shine in different situations and builds. With this in mind, Traveler and Kaeya are great units and Amber is even respectable with the right build. Lisa has the potential, but her abilities feel like an after-thought. She just needs a little more care.