Genshin Impact: Elegy for the End impressions and details

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Elegy for the End is Genshin Impact‘s new five star-weapon, which was shown off in today’s 1.4 trailer. Details for this weapon were previously leaked by datamining, and now the weapon has been official revealed.

In the trailer, Venti is shown using this bow against the Oceanid. It looks pretty slick, with a wavy blue and gold pattern that follows much of the design ethos for Mondstadt. It looks great on Venti, and its abilities seem like it will play well with characters like Venti or Fischl.

Elegy for the End Details

According to Honey Impact, the bow will have Energy Recharge as its secondary stat, which plays well into the weapon’s ability. It increases Elemental Mastery by 60 and creates a Sigil when a Skill or Burst hits an opponent, triggering once every 0.2 seconds even if the character wielding the bow isn’t out. When four Sigils are obtained, every character in the party gets The Millennial Movement: Farewell Song buff, increasing their Elemental Mastery by 100 and their ATK by 20% for 12 seconds. When this effect triggers, you don’t get Sigils for 20 seconds, leading to 8 seconds of downtime.

These stats and abilities may change from their beta versions when Elegy for the End makes it to the live server.

Elegy for the End Impressions

This weapon looks great on characters that you switch into for a support ability that hits multiple times. With Venti, you could fire his Elemental Burst to trap enemies, switch to another DPS unit and trigger the buff off Venti’s Burst while you’re slamming on the trapped enemies. Combined with his Stormeye talent, you’ll be setting up some huge reactions repeatedly.

Fischl is another character that I can see this weapon working well on. Fischl is also a great support unit with her Elemental Skill. Since she doesn’t need to be out to get the Sigils, you can summon Oz, switch out, and acquire Sigils as he attacks. Machine Gun Fischl builds can enjoy the ATK boost, but you’ll want to switch to a character that dishes out a lot of elemental damage like Tartaglia or Diluc.

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Speaking of Tartaglia, I’m not sure if this can even be used on him. His Elemental Skill changes his stance from ranged to melee, but the attacks in the melee stance count as normal hits. This is why Rust works so great, but his Skill and Burst don’t hit enough times to trigger the Sigils reliably. Keep this in mind if you’re rolling for him when his banner comes back.

Elegy also seems decent on the rest of the archers. Diona, Ganyu and Amber’s Skills don’t hit that many times, but their Bursts deal damage repeatedly letting you acquire the four Sigils quickly. This won’t be the most ideal weapon on them, but it will work if you don’t have anything else. At the very least, the higher base attack as a five-star is just good all-around.

It’s not clear how the banner for Elegy for the End will work, but it doesn’t seem like it’s getting its own Weapon Banner. I’m betting it will be added to the standard banner, but featured in the event’s Weapon Banner.

Genshin Impact 1.4  releases March 17.

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