Pokémon GO: How to catch Shiny Drowzee during Spotlight Hours

Pokemon GO Remote Raid key art. Image Courtesy Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO Remote Raid key art. Image Courtesy Pokemon GO /

Shiny Drowzee in Pokémon GO might be on the mind if you’re planning on participating in Spotlight Hours. Can you catch a Shiny Drowzee in Pokémon GO?

The good news is yes, you can indeed catch a Shiny Drowzee in Pokémon GO. There’s a catch if you’re playing during Spotlight Hours, however.

Shiny Drowzee Pokémon GO: How to catch during Spotlight Hours

Spotlight Hours occur every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in your local time, and feature a Pokémon in the Spotlight that will spawn more frequently for just one hour. March 9’s Spotlight Hours will feature Drowzee, the Hypnosis Pokémon.

Unlike the similar Community Day events where the Shiny form of a Pokémon is easier to find, you get no such bonus during Spotlight Hours. You’ll still be contending with the roughly one in 450 chance to find a particular Shiny. For Spotlight Hours, you’ll just run into more Drowzee than usual to give you some help for Shiny hunting.

Shiny Pokémon don’t appear on the map as Shiny. You’ll have to engage each Drowzee you find to check if it’s Shiny or not. When you encounter the Drowzee, you’ll know it’s Shiny when you see the trademark sparkle over the Pokémon and its nametag.

Of course, the Drowzee will be a different color. Shiny Drowzee is unmistakable, with a pale pink and purple coloration.

Is it even worth going out of your way to get a Shiny Drowzee? If Drowzee and its evolved form Hypno are your favorite Pokémon (I know some of you out there are) or if you’re Shiny Hunting, you’ll already know what to do.

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For the rest of us, Hypno is a good Pokémon for a few roles. Its high defense and unique type coverage afforded by its moveset lets it function well as a Gym defender. It can learn the elemental Punches and great Ghost and Fighting type moves, letting Hypo slot into any team and fill out roles well.

For competitive battles, Hypno only has the CP to work in the Great League, where many of its strengths as a Gym defender shine here too. Hypno’s versatile moveset will confound your opponents, and you can do it in style with a Shiny Hypno.