Warframe: Valentine’s Day event, Nightwave Intermission 3 and more

Digital Extremes
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Digital Extremes’ Warframe Devstream 151 featured tons of exciting information about upcoming content coming to the action game. From Octavia Prime and a new warframe to the upcoming Valentine’s Day-themed event, here’s what’s coming to Warframe soon.

Much like the past Nights of Naberus event back around Halloween, this event is more of a glorified storefront offered by Ticker on Fortuna. Starting February 11th up to the 24th, you can visit him to access all sorts of seasonal items like new glyphs, some event-exclusive weapons like the Snipetron and Ignis Wraith, a Valentine’s themed color palette, floofs, and a new ephemera.

You don’t need to farm anything special as well. As far as it was mentioned, players will need to spend debt bonds in order to trade for these items. Debt bonds are acquired via bounties out in the Orb Vallis or can be traded with Ticker himself. If you do not have or are low on them, you can plan ahead and acquire these so you won’t have to deal with FOMO. I suggest checking Ticker’s debt bond wares daily as well as fighting the Profit Taker. Alternatively, you can play bounties, but these bonds aren’t always a guaranteed drop.

Expanded Tenno Arsenal

What was teased with a codename “Ghoulsaw”, we got to see what future types of weapons will be added to Warframe. This one in particular was a work in progress, but it’s essentially the weapons that the Grineer Ghouls have out in the Plains of Eidolon and some grineer disruption missions.

It looks to be like a heavy chainsaw weapon with possibly a saw blade launching component. Hopefully, it acts as a more heavy-duty version of gunblades. What kind of mechanic this weapon and others of this type will have in the future is yet to come.

Nightwave Intermission 3

Now that the Glassmaker season is over, players will be taking a much-needed break from the glass resonance interruptions that happened every so often mid-mission. Nightwave Intermission 3 will work the same as the past ones, now with new upcoming challenges and returning rewards from the previous iterations.

Certain items, namely the cosmetics like the Emissary Operator set and others will be acquirable again. However, for those who already have these items, players will earn Nightwave creds instead of them. As you know, those cred offerings always have Nitain Extracts, Orokin Catalysts and Reactors, and probably some nifty helmets for warframes.

Nightwave Intermission 3 will begin on February 1 on all platforms. 

Warframe Lunar Renewal

This was spoken about briefly. Apparently, there will be Lunar New Year content coming to the global build of Warframe in mid-February. It’s the year of the Ox, and that’s as far as we know. More updates to come as the dates get closer.

The Deluxe Skins

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Zephyr Deluxe, by Liger Inuzuka is coming close to its completion. The concepts along with what’s to come bundled with her set all look so glorious. There’ll be an operator suit, a landing craft skin, and a unique menu UI bundled with her deluxe skin upon release.

Of course, Zephyr isn’t the most popular of frames either given that her kit isn’t that practical outside of open and spacious areas. Luckily she will be getting more reworks to fit her theme! Codenamed “Reduxe”, all of her abilities except Turbulence will have more utility to them. Most notably, her Tailwind ability will suspend Zephyr mid air. Her passive will will have an additional feature, boasting her overall crit chance when airborne.

Digital Extremes
Digital Extremes /

In addition to Zephyr getting the Deluxe treatment, it was teased that Revenant and Ember are to get skins in the future. The designs are by a freelance artist and fellow Warframe fan named Debby Sheen. You can check out the artist’s Twitter here.