Warframe: Octavia Prime release date and Sevagoth ‘Wraithe’ detailed

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During the Warframe Devstream #151, Digital Extremes confirmed that Octavia Prime will be released on February 23. She will sport her signature weapons, the Pandero Prime and Tenora Prime. In her Prime Access accessories bundle, there will be a syandana, armor set, and a bonus shawzin to play tunes with. Additionally, there will be more mandachord packs to be released alongside Octavia Prime. Hopefully, they can be acquired with platinum and aren’t locked behind the Prime Access packs.


In addition to Octavia Prime, we learned that Sevagoth (codename “Wraithe”) — first shown at Tennocon 2020 — is going to be the 46th frame coming to the game. His theme and kit revolves around crowd control, support, and debuffing. He is also a meter-based frame, similar to something like Nidus where you need to synergize your first three abilities to make use of your ultimate. The more enemies affected by your three abilities— Reap, Sow, and Gloom— the more you build up your meter to use his ultimate, Sevagoth’s Shadow.

What’s even more unique about this frame is that in the final ability, Sevagoth has access to three altered abilities in his Shadow form. Of course, the ultimate is a channeled energy ability, much like Valkyr’s Hysteria or Excalibur’s Exalted Blade. What I did notice is that while in Shadow form, Sevagoth’s way of attacking is with these sinister claw attacks, so I’m going to assume it’ll be a moddable exalted weapon.

His passive is also pretty unique too; when Sevagoth is down, he goes into his Shadow form and can revive himself. It seems to be like a much more interactive version of Inaros’ sarcophagus mechanic.

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Sevagoth should come in this update, given that each title update comes with a new Warframe tied to some kind of quest. Alongside him, this will also contain the long-awaited Corpus Railjack expansion. The dev team hopes to implement the Oprhix Venom game mode into railjack, along with two new modes to add more mission variety in the Empyrean game mode.

This is also a big update for players not in a clan. When this update drops, you can access the railjack drydock in tier-2 relays. The Kronia and Leonov relays, depending on what console you are on, will be a home for the drydocks. It’ll be conveniently located on the second floor between Darvo and Simaris. This is to implement more “organic recruiting.”

In terms of intrinsics talk, that was mostly covered in the final dev stream of last year. The newest update talk on that is that there were to be tweaks implemented into the system.