Genshin Impact: How to preload Update 1.3 on PC and mobile

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Genshin Impact Update 1.3 is set to arrive on February 3, but developer Mihoyo is giving those with slower internet a chance to start downloading and installing the next major update early. The game’s preinstallation function will only be available for mobile and PC beginning Monday, February 1 (6 AM ET, 9 AM PT, and 12 PM BT).

How to preload update 1.3 on PC

On PC, you’ll want to first boot up the Genshin Impact Launcher. You’ll then see a “Game Pre-Installation” button to the left of the “Launch” button. All you have to do is click the “Game Pre-Installation” to download the new game resources.

You’ll still be able to play the game while downloading the pre-load files, but that will depend on your internet, of course. When the update is finally released on February 3, the launcher will give you the option to “Update,” and will install the files without having to download them. If for some reason, the launcher closes before pre-installation is complete, you’ll have the option to continue downloading from when progress ended the next time you boot up the launcher.

How to preload update 1.3 on Mobile

On iOS and Android, you won’t be able to play the game while pre-installing the update files. There are two options you can take to pre-install:

  • Go to Paimon Menu > Settings > Other > Pre-Install Resource Package
  • Tap the “Pre-Install Resource Package” icon at the lower left corner of the login menu.

Keep in mind, this only downloads the files. Once the update releases, iOS users will have to go into the App Store and tap the update button. Android users will get a set of on-screen directions when they open up the game. Alternatively, you can update through the Google Play store.

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What’s in Update 1.3?

Update 1.3 isn’t quite as large as previous updates for Genshin Impact. It introduces one new hero, Xiao, a 5-star Banner character who wields polearms. He’ll come with his own story quests, while the main story of Genshin Impact will focus on the Lantern Rite Festival in Liyue. Other characters will also be getting side quests and there will be a Stand By Me event that gets you a free 4-star Liyue Character.