Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game: How to unlock Negascott and Mr. Chau

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Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game was recently brought back after a solid decade of being completely removed from the PSN Store. Now it’s back on practically everything you can game on and…oh boy is it good.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game
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With the game comes all the secret codes that the original had, letting you do everything from enabling blood mode, turn coins into critters and even get a powerful weapon. The game also features a lot of the secret unlockables from hidden stores like Wallace’s Mystery Shop to the characters we’re going to talk about today.

There are two characters you might not realize you can have on your side in the game; Negascott, the living embodiment of Scott Pilgrim’s negative traits, and Mr. Chau, the father of Knives Chau, Scott’s fake high-school girlfriend.

Negascott is the living embodiment of Scott Pilgrim’s negative traits. In the game, he looks just like Scott just a bit eviler and greyscale. Think of him sort of like “Evil Ryu”.

Mr. Chau is the father of Scott Pilgrim’s fake high-school girlfriend Knives Chau. When unlocked you don’t get to play as him but rather you can summon him occasionally, watching as he teleports around the screen killing every enemy in sight. If you’re lucky, you might even summon his wife instead and…well, you should unlock it for yourself.

Both of these characters are absolutely worth the investment though as they both add more things to a game already filled to the brim with fun things.

Before we get into this, I’m going to point out the obvious, there will be mild spoilers in this article. Also, for one of these you’re going to have to beat the game, multiple times, so get ready to spend a day playing.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game
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Okay, let’s get into unlocking Mr. Chau first. Let’s go.