Scott Pilgrim vs the World: Unlock Wallace’s Mystery Shop and level up quickly

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Scott Pilgrim vs the World is excellent but it’s also difficult. Follow this simple guide to unlock Wallace’s Mystery Shop and quickly increase your stats.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game is back after a whole decade and it’s so good. And while the game is beautiful and controls like a dream you might notice something else, it’s kinda tough. The enemy AI is pretty solid and sometimes it’s merciless. Luckily there is hope.

The first stage of the game is, fortunately, a good place to grind money. I’ll get to why in a minute but you got to get cash together. Do NOT spend it in the little stores in the middle of the first stage. Trust me.

The first stage is a really good place to get cash though because in addition to a ton of easy enemies there are also Subspace areas. These little bonus areas are a good way to get cash quickly.

The first one is hidden in a shed. Just look for a shed in the background with a cat next to it. Walk up to the door and it opens on its own. You’ll end up on a rainbow road punching flying piggy banks that give you a ton of cash.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game
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After that, towards the end of the stage you’ll enter Subspace on your way to the first boss where, in addition to the flying piggy banks, you’ll also encounter some very…inspired…blocks that will also give you coins.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game
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Once you get enough coins by going through the stage two or three times (you should try to get $130 or more) you need to go to a specific spot. Towards the end of the first stage, you’ll follow the road under an overpass. You’ll know.

There’s even a sports car that speeds through at some point. On the bottom floor, look for a wall with a star on it. When you approach it the star will slide to the side revealing a door. Entering it will take you to Wallace’s Mystery Shop.

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You’ll notice that the prices are really high, thus the need for money. But here’s the thing, these items are incredible. Even if you don’t know what they do. Here’s a handy list of what each thing does:

  • Tialoc’s Feast – $49.95 gives an extra life
  • Ambrosia – $59.95 gives 200HP, 200 Guts, and 1200 XP. This can also be taken to go
  • Bionic Arm – $129.95 gives you 50 STR
  • Never-ending Fantasy – $119.95 gives you 30 Guts, 30 Def, and 30 WP
  • Speedy the Porcupine – $109.95 gives you 40 SPD

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I don’t really worry about the first two but if you can go without spending your cash in the little shops and returning to the stores in the first stage ONLY buying from Wallace’s shop and buying the last three items (which you can buy multiple times) your stats will go up quick. So while it might feel grindy first it can get you tough quick so you can go back to enjoying beating up the exes.