FIFA 21 Dual Entitlement: How the PS4 to PS5 next-gen upgrade works

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FIFA 21 will support Dual Entitlement upgrades from PS4 to PS5.

With the upcoming launch of the PlayStation 5, there’s a lot of questions regarding games launching in that awkward window before next-gen arrives. Specifically, will games released in August, September and October be playable on next-gen consoles? Electronic Arts is actually making it easy with their Madden and FIFA sports titles through something called Dual Entitlement.

The Dual Entitlement program allows those who purchase FIFA 21 (or Madden 21) on PlayStation 4 to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 at no additional cost.  Now there are a few wrinkles to make note of before you choose whether to buy the physical or digital version of the game, including knowing ahead of time whether you intend to buy the discless PlayStation 5 console.

For starters, to take advantage of the Dual Entitlement offer, you must upgrade before the launch of FIFA 22 next year, probably around October 2021.

If you purchase the digital version of FIFA 21, you’re pretty much set. Since FIFA 21 on PS5 will already be a digital version, all you’ll have to do is download it on the next-gen console when it launches later this year. It’s a simple upgrade.

Dual Entitlement also applies to the physical PS4 version of FIFA 21; however, you’ll need the disc to be inserted in your PlayStation 5 to be able to launch the game on those consoles. This means if you own the physical FIFA 21 version on PS4, you’ll probably want to buy a PS5 with a disc tray as physical discs can not currently be used to upgrade to discless consoles.

If you intend to buy a discless PS4, then you’ll want to buy the digital copy of FIFA 21 on PS4. Once you do that, you’ll be able to download the next-gen version from the PlayStation Store at no extra cost whenever it releases later this year.

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As a reminder, FIFA 21 will not support cross-play across console generations; however, progress made in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team and VOLTA FOOTBALL on PS4 will transfer to the PS5 version and back. Progress in other modes such as Online Seasons, Co-Op Seasons, Career Mode, Pro Clubs, etc. will, unfortunately, not transfer between generations.

So to sum it up, if you buy FIFA 21 digitally on PS4, you will get the Dual Entitlement upgrade for free on any PS5 console. If you buy FIFA 21 physically on PS4, you will need a PlayStation 5 with a disc tray to play it and that disc will need to be inserted to play the game even when you download the PS5 digital version.

FIFA 21 releases on October 6, 2020. We don’t yet know when the PlayStation 5 launches other than “holiday 2020.” Presumably, the next-gen version of the game will be available at the launch of the PS5.