PCS2 Grand Finals: Pick Em’ Challenge, Twitch Drops and more

PUBG Continental Series 2. Image Courtesy PUBG Corp.
PUBG Continental Series 2. Image Courtesy PUBG Corp. /

PUBG Corp has announced further details about the PCS2 Grand Finals, including an increase to the initial $200,000 USD prize pool, more details on the PCS2 Pick Em’ Challenge, and the return of Twitch Drops.

The PUBG Continental Series 2 Grand Finals will feature sixteen of the region’s strongest rosters, as they compete for the lion share of a $200,000 USD prize pool, an amount that will only grow over the coming weeks. Just like the PCS1 Grand Finals and the 2019 PUBG Global Championship, the PCS2 Grand Finals will feature a Pick Em’ Challenge that allows fans to predict the winning team for exclusive skins.

PUBG Esports’ fans can predict which team they believe will win its region’s Grand Finals tournament with a coupon acquired from purchasing PCS2 themed skins, found in the “Store” tab on the main menu. PUBG Corp announced today that 25% of the revenue will be distributed across the four regions – Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America. 12.5% of that amount be directly stacked on top of the original $800,000 USD prize pool for all regions. The remaining 12.5% will be evenly split amongst all participating teams.

The available skins include the “Tactical Torque” Buggy, “Unseen Survivor” face covering, and “Fierce Conflict” SLR among others. There is a total of eight options available to purchase, all of which include at least one voting coupon.

  • PCS2 Fierce Conflict – SLR + one voting coupon
  • PCS2 Gilded Triumph – Beryl M762 + one voting coupon
  • PCS2 Fierce Conflict – S12K + one voting coupon
  • PCS2 Tactical Torque – Buggy + one voting coupon
  • PCS2 Unseen Survivor Mask + one voting coupon
  • PCS2 Dance – Beckoning Boomstick + one voting coupon
  • PCS2 ALL-IN-ONE SET + five voting coupon
  • PCS2 WEAPON SET + three voting coupon

If you decide to purchase any of the PCS2 themed items, you’ll receive a voting coupon to place on the team you believe will win their region’s tournament. Your opportunity to cast the voting coupon remains open all the way until the start of the third and final week of action. So be sure to hang onto those coupons until at least Sunday, September 6th. At that point, most of the Grand Finals will have taken shape, increasing your odds of successfully selecting the winning team. Selecting the correct team to win will earn you 100,000 Esports Points (EP), which is used in-game to unlock exclusive PCS2 skins.

Once you’ve placed your prediction on a team(s) that you think will win the tournament, you can earn additional esports points from correctly predicting which team will place higher in the “Team Faceff” tab. This puts two teams face-to-face and asks you which of the two will place higher when things are said and done. It’s free for anyone to play, but won’t award you as many Esports Points as the voting coupons and predicting a champion will.

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PUBG Corp. has also announced the return of Twitch Drops for the PCS2 Grand Finals, where viewers can win additional voting coupons by just tuning into the action! Make sure to link your Twitch and PUBG accounts on this page or you’ll miss out! Once your accounts are linked, tune into any of the region’s Grand Finals for a chance to receive free voting coupons.

Those watching live will also have a chance to grab free coupons if they’re quick enough. PUBG will display a code on the broadcast and the first few players to enter that code into the “ADD EVENT CODE” section of the Pick’Em Challenge event tab or Store in-game will each receive a free coupon.

Watch the North American PCS2 Grand Finals starting on August 27th @ 4:00 PM PST on the PUBG Twitch channel!