PUBG shares ‘Sanhok Tapes’, reveals mysterious lore behind remastered map

PUBG Corp.
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PUBG’s latest video presents the background story of its newly remastered map, Sanhok.

The remastered Sanhok will be applied to PC live servers on Tuesday evening, following its one-week trial on test servers where players had quickly begun to explore the map’s refreshed locations and exciting new features. As PUBG’s main attraction in the Season 8 update, Sanhok’s refined but familiar landscape is sure to produce a new and exciting experience for all – whether you’re a seasoned player or making your first return to the Battlegrounds in some time.

PUBG Corp. has done an excellent job over the past year when it comes to attaching stories and mysterious lore to their new and remastered maps. Originating with the remaster of their first and most popular map, Erangel, set in a post-Soviet land where the authoritative government and a faction of local rebels fight for territory. The added touch of interest to the visual design of buildings and locations intrigued many players and allowed PUBG to develop their own origin story.

As for Season 8 and the recently remastered map, PUBG Corp. has again produced an interesting background narrative about how Battle Royale arrived at the shores of this once paradise island retreat.

The video is littered with references to past seasons and even hints at potential things to come, but concludes with a clear order from “Unknown” himself, “Find the Sanhok Four”. Biographies on the four characters at large are shown in the video, all of which have criminal records and areas of expertise to make them a dangerous squad on the battlegrounds.

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Several things jump out to me when digging through this video, but ironically it’s the small clue about a potential new map that grabbed my attention first. While the video, Season 8, and PUBG Corp are focused on the remaster of Sanhok – it’s tough not to notice in the top-right corner of the “Sanhok Four” biographies the first initial of every PUBG map. (Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, Karakin, P, and a blank box.)

Each character’s file has the “S”-box highlighted, indicating Sanhok as that player’s battleground, but there is a new battleground letter that doesn’t correspond to any existing PUBG map, “P”.

Now, while it may only reveal the first letter of a new map’s name and nothing else, fans were quick to discover a world map in one of the new Season 8 images released by PUBG. Locations marked on the map corresponded to the world setting for every PUBG Map, with the exception of two new points that don’t align; Alaska, North America, and Chile, South America. This means that either of these locations could be the setting for PUBG’s next map, but it’s complete speculation based on these clues and we can’t be sure that it’s no more than a coincidence at the moment.

PUBG Corp. has also publically teased a new backpack, likely the same one mentioned in the video, via their Twitter account where the team deliberately “leak” their own new items. This backpack was not found during the update’s trial on test servers, so we just have the image from PUBG and a mention of it during this lore video.

Rumors have circulated regarding the purpose of this new backpack, which is certainly more than just a skin, with the most popular theory being a backpack that allows you to interact with the blue zone. It may be an item that provides you a safe zone within the blue zone or something else entirely, one thing is certain, I’m very eager to find out.