PUBG Season 8 features Sanhok remaster, Loot Truck, and much more

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PUBG Season 8 is headlined by the remaster of Sanhok, set to arrive on live servers July 22.

Players dropping into PUBG Season 8 will find a remastered Sanhok, an interesting new vehicle known as the “Loot Truck”, and much more within Patch 8.1.

Season 8 centers around the remaster of Sanhok, PUBG’s original map for fast-paced gameplay and non-stop action. When the map hit live servers in June of 2018, players got their first taste of the inescapable close-quarters combat that was recently recreated on PUBG’s latest map, Karakin.

Over the past two years, Sanhok has received fair critique from players who felt that the map could use a rework in some areas. Common gripes from the player base included the challenge of spotting players in the lush jungle terrain, somewhat predictable circle settings, and the difficulty of crossing the map’s wide and central river that divides the map in half. Thankfully, it seems PUBG Corp. has gathered feedback from its players and addressed many of those concerns in Sanhok 2.0.

"“We wanted Sanhok to feel more like a forgotten, overgrown paradise while addressing some of the most glaring balance issues we’ve seen over the last couple of years.”"

At first glance, it’s apparent that the map has undergone a drastic transformation. The vibrant green jungle has been toned down to improve player sightlines and provide more distinction between foliage and player. The difference should improve a player’s ability to spot enemies before they’re directly on top of your positioning, something that would happen all too frequently in the original Sanhok.

The remaster meant a complete redesign of many locations throughout the map, including some of the island’s most beloved locations, such as Boot Camp, Docks, and Ruins. It appears nothing was off the table when the team approached revitalizing this map.

One of the more exciting features to come in Patch 8.1 is the “Loot Truck”, which autonomously roams the map filled with high-powered and fully-equipped gear that players can obtain by damaging the vehicle. As you damage the Loot Truck, crates carrying these weapons will be dropped – sort of like a wandering airdrop.

This vehicle is very unique and I’m excited to see how it’s played in-game. Personally, attacking the Loot Truck to acquire some extra gear matches the risk versus reward of tracking your standard airdrop anyways.

"– Up to four Loot trucks are spawned at the start of the match.– Each truck is spawned separately inside of one the special garages scattered around the map.– When a truck is destroyed, a new truck will be spawned from the garage.– A total of 8 Loot Trucks can spawn in a single match."

Season 8 is headlined by the remaster of Sanhok, but it also features a load of new items and features for players to dive into when Patch 8.1 hits live servers on July 22. The brand-new Survivor Pass: PAYBACK will provide players with 100 Levels to progress through, unlocking exclusive Season 8 skins along the way.

New features like the improvement to Gas Cans will make its debut in Patch 8.1, allowing players to equip the item into the melee spot and spill fuel onto the ground. This opens the door to all sorts of wacky PUBG moments, which I can’t wait to see once players get the hang of it.

Patch 8.1 signals the start of a new season of Ranked Mode that will now be played across four maps. The previous three maps of Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok will now be joined by Vikendi in the Ranked Mode map pool. Players who reached a ranking of Gold V or higher can expect their Season 7 Ranked rewards shortly after the new patch goes live.