Clash of Clans Summer 2020 update: QoL and Game changes previewed

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Improved Town Hall experience coming with Clash of Clans the summer update

The upcoming Summer 2020 update for Clash of Clans is expected to arrive later this month. Following yesterday’s details on the new upgrade levels for Troops and Defenses that’ll be coming, Supercell has previewed the Quality of Life improvements and game balance changes we can expect to see.

The biggest new feature is an “improved Town Hall Upgrade experience,” which rewards you with temporary boosts and benefits upon level up your Town Hall. These are boosts that are applied automatically when you upgrade your Town Hall level.

"Upgrading your Town Hall will trigger various limited-time boosts and benefits. The boosts and benefits increase in their availability and duration as you progress through the game into higher Town Hall levels."

Starting at Town Hall 4, you’ll get a temporary Power Boost, Resource Boost and Star Bonus Boost. The Power Boost will temporarily boost your Troops and Spells to the maximum allowed level by your Laboratory. The Resource Boost will temporarily increase the productivity of your Resources Collectors, boosting their production to double their normal rate. The Star Bonus Boost will temporarily boost your Star Bonus from Multiplayer battles by 4x. A fourth boost, the Hero Boost, will be available starting at Town Hall 8 and will temporarily boost your Heroes by +5 levels.

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Upgrading your Town Hall is always an exciting moment as it unlocks tons of new buildings, defensive structures and troops. This boost will allow you to get a jump on the new options available to you.

But before you get too excited, this isn’t like the Builder Base’s Clock Tower. It sounds like these boosts will only be applied once the moment you upgrade your Town Hall. Whereas the Clock Tower has a cool down before you can activate the boost again, this is a one time boost that’s only available once at each Town Hall level when you upgrade.

Supercell noted that the boost does not apply retroactively, so if you’ve finished the upgrade before the update, you’re out of luck. Sucks to be me right now. As many players have pointed out, it might be best to just put any Town Hall upgrade you have planned on hold until the update drops. Or just cancel any current upgrade you have going on and wait. Unfortunately, we don’t know when the new update will drop exactly, only that it will be available sometime this month.

There’s a number of Home Village and Builder Base balance changes and adjustments as well. As noted previously, the healing time of all Heroes has been reduced and the new max healing time has been lowered from 49 to 40 minutes across the board. 9 minutes isn’t a whole lot but less downtime is always a good thing in my book.

Here are some of the noteworthy game changes:

"– Improved experience for returning players!– When saving donation requests the game also now includes Troops, Spells or Siege Machines that are already in the Clan Castle.– Season Challenges’ Troop-based tasks have been re-balanced in order to be able to be completed with Clan Castle reinforcements from Town Hall 9 and up.– Grand Warden AI improved to follow the group more effectively and be less prone to drifting away while in Air Mode.– Removed Air Mines from traveling across the map if their original target is destroyed after triggering the trap but before the trap is activated. Max distance for Air Mine’s target selection is now 2x the trigger radius of the trap.– Troops exiting Jump Spell should not re-target in order to prevent Troops from getting stuck in Jump Spell.– Scattershot defense can now run out of ammunition, similar to X-Bow and Inferno Tower.– Scattershot attack speed reduced from 3 seconds to 3.036 seconds.– Wall Wrecker pathing has been improved.– Fixed the possibility of including the wrong Clan member(s) in a war, if a new member with a high trophy count joins the Clan during the member selection process."

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It’s still early on in the sneak peek process, but the summer 2020 update is already being received with open arms by players. And we haven’t even gotten to the really exciting stuff yet. Community manager Darian has confirmed that the update will introduce two new Super Troops. One of the new ones is expected to be the Super Witch.

Check back tomorrow for the next sneak peek to find out what else is coming in the Clash of Clans Summer 2020 update.