Clash of Clans Summer 2020 update: New troop and building levels revealed

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Earlier this week, Clash of Clans developer Supercell Games suggested players hold on to their gold and elixir and fill up their Season Bank as much as possible, as it will “come in handy” later this month. This pretty much confirmed a new update to Clash of Clans is on the way and, indeed, it is.

The Summer 2020 update is slated to arrive at the end of June. While I thought we would have to wait a bit for sneak peeks to arrive, Supercell has other plans and today shared the first sneak peek. And now we know why you’ll need that gold and elixir; we’re getting new upgrade levels for Defenses, Troops, Siege Machines, Spells and Heroes.

For Defenses, the Canon is getting a level 19 (146 DPS, 2000 HP, 16M Gold cost). The Wizard Tower is getting a level 13 (84 DPS, 2700 HP, 17.2M Gold cost). Beyond their power, the new designs for both defensive building look really awesome.

Additionally, one additional Spring Trap will be available at Town Hall 13 while 50 additional Wall segments will be able to be upgraded to Level 14.

Here’s what the Troop, Siege Machine and Hero upgrades (Barbarian King and Archer Queen) upgrades will look like:

There’s a bunch of things to love about the Heroes changes beyond just the new levels — although there’s no shortage of comments about having to farm levels again. The regeneration times for levels 50-70 have been reduced with the max regeneration time for levels 71-75 is now 40 minutes (down from 48).

The Lightning Spell has been reworked and actually functions more similarly to the Clash Royale Zap spell. Its radius has been reduced but a small stun effect has been added, resetting its target’s attack.

The biggest change, that could have the most impact on its usage, is that it now only costs 1 Housing Space. There’s a lot of questions about how these changes will impact attacks, but the general consensus is that these were needed buffs. Most people seem excited about reduced Housing Space and the stun, so I’m sure it’ll finally see more play now.

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Overall, this is a great start to the Clash of Clans Summer 2020 update. There’s a lot to be excited about with these changes and best of all, this is just the start.

Community Manager Darian promises sneak peeks will be shared daily, with a new featured revealed per day up until the day that the update releases. Previously, Supercell had shared sneak peeks on a weekly basis, which he admitted wasn’t fun for anyone. And yes, we will be getting sneak peeks over the weekend too.

Tomorrow’s sneak peek will focus on Quality of Life improvements and game balance changes. After that, I suspect Supercell will get to the new features and troops — perhaps even some new Super Troops.