PUBG Update 7.3 adds C4 Throwable, Pick Em’ Challenge, and more

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PUBG Update 7.3 hits the test servers and goes live on June 17.

The latest patch note released by PUBG Corp. outlines a variety of important changes coming to Test Servers in Update 7.3. Including a new C4 throwable, damage zones for vehicles, a new five-second vehicle explosion delay, dedicated Esports Tab on the menu, and much more. In one week, these changes will be applied to Live Servers for all players to experience for themselves.

One of the new features arriving in Update 7.3 is the brand-new C4 throwable, which could become a go-to option for many engagements throughout the battlegrounds. With a broad 25-meter effective blast radius, C4 can quickly evacuate a room or floor of any building it’s tossed into. Due to its inventory weight, the new throwable will not be easy to carry multiple of, limiting most teams to one per player. That weight also means you won’t be able to toss the C4 very far, similar to the ‘Sticky Bombs’ on ‘Karakin’.

Significant changes have been made to vehicles in Update 7.3 that could introduce a new era for team rotations and player movement in both public and competitive matches. The first being a new five-second vehicle explosion delay that will allow for players to safely exit the vehicle when its health bar reaches zero. This is huge because players have become MUCH better at targeting and focusing fire on vehicles rotating into the zone. Especially at the higher levels, a vehicle caught in the open could be instantly destroyed by two skilled players.

This change allows players to rotate through higher-risk areas without the threat of exploding immediately upon contact with an enemy team. Vehicles that are damaged to zero health will now catch fire, roll to a stop, and explode after the five-second delay. Players will now have an opportunity to exit at a non-lethal speed and smoke themselves off until reinforcements arrive.

The other significant adjustment to vehicles is new distinct damage zones, making the disabling of a vehicle even tougher from poor angles. All land vehicles will now have three damage zones that will receive differing degrees of damage from enemy fire, those zones being Engine, Body, and Roof. This change will force players to aim towards the front of the vehicle if they want to inflict maximum damage while providing players within the vehicle valuable time to live and fight another day.

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Update 7.3 also introduces a popular tool used by PUBG Mobile players with the addition of the “Parachute Follow” feature. Players will now be able to automatically follow the exact parachute pattern of any teammate, allowing for more accurate landings as a squad. This feature is a popular one for those on mobile, but I’m interested to see how often it’s used on PC. There are certainly some players who would rather take the lead on your drop, along with some players who just want to land near teammates and begin looting. For those reasons, I feel like this addition is a good one. Not to mention, the number of ‘AFK’ landings you see from players who stepped away at an important point in the match.

Perhaps the most important addition coming in Update 7.3 is a new Esports tab located on the Main Menu of the game. This tab has appeared in various forms over the past couple of years but has yet to remain in-game for any ongoing PUBG Esport events. Unfortunately, it appears this tab is a limited-time feature to promote the on-going online tournament, PUBG Continental Series 1.

PCS1 is a regional online tournament featuring the biggest name throughout PUBG Esports, currently fighting for a spot in regional Finals. The main purpose of this tab is to give players a spot in-game to view the schedule, standings, and participants in PCS1 Finals so that they can cast their votes in the PCS1 Pick Em’ Challenge. The contest is played the same way that the PGC Pick Em’ Challenge was in December, allowing players to vote on the team that they believe will win PCS1 to earn themselves exclusive weapon skins.

Voting coupons are acquired by purchasing PCS1 themed cosmetics in the PUBG Store, those coupons can then be placed on whichever team you think will win the PCS1 tournament. The more coupons acquired and placed on potential teams, the higher odds you have of winning the exclusive Pick Em’ Challenge skins.