DreamHack PUBG Showdown: Grand Finals weekend predictions

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The stage is set for the DreamHack PUBG Showdown Grand Finals, starring a collection of PUBG Esports’ most respected names as they compete for a $15,000 USD prize pool.

The DreamHack PUBG Grand Finals are comprised of Europe’s best sixteen teams following a twenty-four team Main Event that concluded on Wednesday. The Main Event featured sixteen teams via direct invite and eight teams who obtained their place through Closed Qualifiers, of those eight teams that arrived in the Main Event from qualifiers, four have advanced into the Grand Finals.

The DreamHack PUBG Showdown Grand Finals will take place on May 9th-10th at 11:00 AM Eastern Time. Amongst the sixteen teams that qualified for the Grand Finals, none are more notable than the trio of FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, and TSM. The three PUBG Esport powerhouses will face off in the same lobby once again this weekend, with the $6,500 USD first-place prize up for grabs.

Entering the Grand Finals, the preponderance of onlookers will have their sights set on FaZe Clan and Team Liquid – and for good reason. These two teams have continued to showcase their dominance over the past year of PUBG Esports, and have not eased up in 2020. Each team approached the new season with different personnel than the previous year, with FaZe Clan adding ‘Gustav’ and Team Liquid signing ‘Kaymind’ and ‘Mxey’.

In the Main Event round prior, Team Liquid closed out the three best-of-six series atop the leaderboard with 118 Points. The second-place team, Northern Lights, collected a total of 91 Points. The additions to Team Liquid in ‘Kaymind’ and ‘Mxey’ are tough to decide how important they are now, but the initial signs point to the team performing much better when it matters most.


As the sixteen teams drop into the Grand Finals on Saturday, there are a handful of teams that could surprise us. Fresh off their impressive comeback performance during the Main Event, Tempus has risen to the occasion to earn their spot and showcase their play in this weekend’s Grand Finals.


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Led by former TSM player ‘Wookiebookie’, who aided his team to the top-sixteen position in the previous stage, Tempus will look to reset following their rough start that the team finally overcame. On paper, a squad such as Tempus’ may not stack up well against the rosters of FaZe and Liquid, however, the battlegrounds are an inconstant place and if the team is prepared for when an opportunity presents itself, they may continue turning heads over the weekend.

Another team that I could see walk away as winners on Sunday is ENCE. Their roster underwent some changes during the offseason but have seemingly proven themselves within this talented DreamHack lobby. ENCE placed eighth within the Main Event and began showing some positive signs towards the end of the team’s final gameday – notably from one of the roster’s newcomers, ‘D1gg3r1’. If they’re lucky enough to snag a couple of circles, execute their gameplan, and learn from their mistakes in the previous round, there is no reason that ENCE can not be our winner on Sunday.