PUBG Season 7: Vikendi returns, new Survivor Pass: Cold Front

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PUBG Season 7 introduces a familiar, yet refreshed map for survivors with the return of Vikendi. Loaded with an abundance of new items and locations to rediscover, Update 7.1 offers every player with something new to get excited for.

PUBG Season 7 invites players back to the powdery slopes of Vikendi following the map’s hiatus during last season. Vikendi has undergone a significant transformation, including a new railroad system to transport players throughout the map, updates to the available vehicles and weapons, along with a variety of other noteworthy changes. To celebrate the map’s return, Update 7.1 centers around the all-new Survivor Pass: Cold Front, which features a long list of new items to be unlocked.

Most notably, revamped Vikendi features a brand new railroad system consisting of nine trains with twelve boarding stations spread across the map. Each of the nine trains will allow players to climb aboard and engage enemies through its spacious passenger car or from a more hazardous position on its flatbed car – offering PUBG players with what is sure to be a new and exciting way to take engagements all over the battlegrounds.

‘Dino Park’ didn’t just contribute primarily to the theme and inspiration behind Update 7.1, the fan-favorite hot-drop site underwent its own renovation during the map’s time off. ‘Dino Park’ has become ‘Dinoland’, and features a variety of new and interesting scenes to explore within the eerily quiet amusement park.

While trivial to some players, though momentous to myself and others, Vikendi will bounce between two weather conditions, Clear and Snow. As a player who loathes foggy and rainy weather in PUBG, it’s exciting to know that I have a 50% chance of enjoying my Vikendi matches. That may be a tad hyperbolic, but the variation between a clear and snowy weather pattern will provide important variation while maintaining an enjoyable amount of visibility.

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Previously, Vikendi was the lone map to feature a pair of unique and fitting vehicles for its snowy and icy terrain. However, Update 7.1 will mark the removal of Vikendi’s Snowbike and Snowmobile, replaced by the previously mentioned railroad system and addition of at least the two-seater motorcycle. Personally, I loved using the map-specific vehicles on Vikendi and am disappointed to see them go. I would rather have seen the two vehicles receive a justifiable buff to off-snow driving and kept them available.

This update also introduces a new bolt-action sniper rifle with the addition of the Mosin Nagant. The new sniper will be added to the existing sniper spawns on Vikendi, giving players another option to take fights from a distance. Specifics regarding the new weapon are unclear, but be sure to hop into the PC Test Servers to try it for yourself!

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PUBG Season 7 is playable on PC Test Servers following maintenance on April 14, and will make it onto PC Live Servers April 21, with Console receiving the update on April 28.