PUBG reveals new map, weapons and features coming in Update 6.1

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PUBG update 6.1 is loaded with new and exciting features, including ‘Karakin,’ a new map that offers an intense and unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

PUBG is kicking off the new year with one of its largest updates in recent memory. Update 6.1 has a lot to offer, though a new 2X2 kilometer map understandably has garnered the attention of most. While I’ve been eagerly anticipating the Season 6 Survivor Pass, it’s tough not to get excited about exploring an all-new map blanketed in new features and places to explore.

The new map, Karakin, has been rumored to be in-the-works for some time now, but players finally have the chance to traverse the map for themselves. Karakin and most of the new items mentioned are currently playable on PC Test Servers until Update 6.1 goes live on January 22 for PC and shortly after for console.

Karakin delivers much more than action-packed hot drops, though there is no shortage of those either, due to the unique features that separate this map from preceding releases. The first thing you’ll notice is the size of the map. The two-kilometer square is now the smallest map in PUBG, encouraging many early-game engagements that players may have a hard time eluding.

The importance of remaining on the move is promoted by an abrupt Karakin-specific feature introduced in Update 6.1. Almost immediately, players will notice a new “Black Zone” that looms over one of the numerous towns across the map, where players are cautioned by loud sirens prior to the imminent missile strike that flattens surrounds buildings. If the warning sirens and mini-map icons aren’t enough to prompt players to abandon their camping methods, many will see their match end early.

Comprised of hidden spaces still waiting to be discovered, Karakin has captivated players with secret rooms and loot locations that are only accessible to players using one of the new weapons in Update 6.1. Many buildings and rooms are only accessible if players use the new C4 throwable, which detonates shortly after being stuck to breachable walls and doors throughout the map.

Additionally, PUBG has announced a new Panzerfaust RPG set to debut with Season 6 on live servers on January 22. This weapon will certainly generate some memorable moments upon release, though may send others to their menu to exit the game.

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Likewise, new bullet penetration through thin walls and drywall inside buildings is sure to add a new twist to close-quarters combat. This will allow players to spot their enemies prior to stepping into a doorway, more importantly, it means that good ole’ fashion wall bangs have made their way into PUBG.

With the addition of Karakin, PUBG has decided to introduce a non-permanent rotating map cycle that should avoid increased queue times across all maps. This means players will be saying farewell for now to one of the four existing maps, with Vikendi being the odd one out.

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Bolstered by a brand new map, weapons, and features, survivors can look forward to unlocking countless items thanks to the all-new Survivor Pass: Shakedown. Players can customize their character with skins and outfits unique to Karakin lore, like the Tenebres Smugglers or mysterious Rapture Squad. As always, a new map from PUBG means an all-new story and mystery to uncover throughout its design.