PUBG Update 6.3 delivers ‘Panzerfaust’ alongside weapon rebalance

Alongside a variety of welcomed tweaks to weapons, PUBG Update 6.3 finally adds the new RPG weapon named ‘Panzerfaust’ to the game’s newest map, Karakin.

Just over a month ago, PUBG announced its newest map Karakin, which headlined a hefty patch note for Update 6.1. Featured throughout the imagery and confirmed prior to release by data-mined leaks online, a new RPG weapon was expected to be released with the update.

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Unfortunately, PUBG was unable to include this weapon in its initial Season 6 patch, leaving players to wonder when they would get their hands on this exciting new weapon. Finally, patch notes regarding this update have confirmed that the teased and highly anticipated ‘Panzerfaust’ will be included in Update 6.3 – which is live on Test Servers now!

The ‘Panzerfaust’ is intended to be used as building breach utility, just like the Stick Bombs featured throughout Karakin currently. If you haven’t tried it yourself, Sticky Bombs are not a replacement to frag grenades, they’re strictly valuable to breaching reinforced loot buildings or flushing out the frightened players that chose to lurk inside certain buildings. Hindered by their limited throwing range and blast radius, Stick Bombs have been confined to their original purpose.

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The most notable weapon change in Update 6.3 was to a fan-favorite and widely considered best weapon in PUBG, the M249. The crate exclusive weapon has been earning chicken dinners and striking fear into enemies since PUBG’s inception, but as of Update 6.3, the M249 will now we found as a world spawn weapon across all maps.

PUBG has made some impactful changes to the weapon before uncrating it, but the M249 is surely going to be a new favorite amongst players. One of the changes made to the weapon is a decrease in magazine capacity, dropping the M249 from 100 rounds to 75. Although, the gun can now be equipped with an extended magazine that takes the weapon to 150 rounds. They’ve also increased the recoil of the weapon but made some room for new attachments like a grip and tactical stock. All in all, it will be interesting to see how the M249 influences the current M4-preferred meta.

Upon PUBG’s initial update announcement, the M249 was intended to be removed from crates and set as a world spawn on Erangel and Miramar only. The issue with this original plan was that the weapon would now only be playable on two of the four maps, drastically reducing the likelihood of a player acquiring the weapon. The community provided clear feedback on this decision and an announcement was made by PUBG on Friday afternoon that they would place the DBS and M249 as rare spawn weapons on all maps. It’s great to see PUBG recognized the community’s concern and quickly make the overwhelmingly favored decision.

Other rebalances to weapons include a much-needed buff to the Tommy Gun and UMP submachine guns, with the Tommy Gun finally receiving a sight attachment slot and the UMP getting a buff all-around on bullet velocity, fire rate, and damage dealt. Personally, I’ve always loved using these two weapons during early-game engagements prior to locating a proper assault rifle, so I’m excited to see them become a more feasible option in Update 6.3.

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