Mario Kart Tour: You will soon be able to play multiplayer with your pals

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Well, all it took was like six months… but Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo’s mobile game spinoff, is finally getting multiplayer.

Nintendo has had its fun releasing free-to-play mobile titles recently. But, one of the bigger disappointments came in the way of a lack of multiplayer in Mario Kart Tour at launch. Not only did it fail the meet fans’ expectations, but it also held some hefty problems, too.

For one, fans reported issues loading the game, while others had an issue with Nintendo aggressively monetizing the game itself. Sure, they deserve the ability to make money, but it all fell flat once they decided to start a subscription service that locked a speed behind the paywall. It also doesn’t help that they opted to make it a game of chance to earn characters for free members.

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Now, it seems they finally want to add real-time multiplayer to its list of features, something fans were waiting for since it launched back in September last year. This wasn’t a hidden thing, either, Gold Pass subscribers got the chance to beta test the multiplayer since December.

The races are going to vary dependent on your plan. If you’re playing through its free plan, you can race on standard races with varying rules based on the day. If you’re flaunting that Gold Pass, though, you can race on the faster Gold tracks. Both plans allow for online and local play with up to eight players.

For those wanting to spend your hard-earned cash on a subscription service for Mario Kart Tour, it’s $5 a month.

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When Mario Kart Tour first launched back in September, the player was only pinned against AIs, no multiplayer was available. This isn’t a terrible idea, it gave everyone a fair shake to check out the game, understand it, and play a ton before being tossed into the proverbial ring (or, in this case, race track) against real players. They did promise to bring the feature to players but played it smart by not mentioning exactly when they were planning it.

Mario Kart Tour multiplayer will be available on March 8 at 8 PM PT/11:00 PM EST.