Teamfight Tactics: TFT Mobile ‘coming soon’ with Galaxies Pass+ support at launch

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Riot Games essentially confirmed TFT Mobile will be launching in March. The recently revealed Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Pass+ will be available for purchase.

Teamfight Tactics developer Riot Games has reiterated that TFT Mobile will be “coming soon.” While they stopped short of revealing an actual release date, their latest blog post essentially confirms that the mobile version of the auto-battler will launch at some point this month. Their updated statement on the status of the game is pretty much in line with the initial release window from earlier this year.

We had just got done speculating that Teamfight Tactics would release for mobile devices in mid-March. After reading through their latest blog post, this has been more or less confirmed.

"“For those of you who want to fight tactically in your bed, on a train, or the 10th meeting of the day, TFT mobile is coming soon complete with cross-play and shared progression on your account.”"

The mobile client note was more focused on the TFT Mobile store and recently revealed Galaxies Pass+. While TFT Mobile will not launch with a full store, any Little Legends or arenas you’ve unlocked on PC will be available for use on TFT Mobile as long as you’ve logged in with the same Riot account on your mobile device.

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The TFT Galaxies Pass+ — Riot’s version of a Season Pass — will also be available for purchase during the global rollout of TFT Mobile (maybe delayed in some regions). Progression will be cross-platform so experience, missions and XP earned will count regardless of whether you’re playing on mobile or PC. The free TFT Galaxies Pass, which still features some rewards, will also be available on mobile.

"“We’ll be rolling out pass purchasing region-by-region to make sure everything’s good on our end. Check the updated TFT Hub to see when you can buy the pass, and don’t worry, all progress will be tracked from the time the pass is active, which is close to but not exactly the same time Galaxies goes live.”"

It sounds like Riot’s intention is to launch TFT Mobile at the same time as TFT: Galaxies, the third seasonal Set, which is expected to arrive in mid-March. The Galaxies Pass+ is basically the same as what you see in other online multiplayer games, a season pass that you can buy and earn experience towards unlocking rewards.

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Riot launched a closed beta for TFT Mobile a few weeks ago in select countries. It was confirmed that mobile and PC players will be able to play together in the same game. Although the mobile version has been designed to look and feel like the same game on PC, there are some slight differences such as the removal of chat and some slight UI functionality changes to make it more “finger friendly.”