How TFT Galaxies Pass+ will change Teamfight Tactics’ reward system

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Riot Games is revamping how rewards are earned in Teamfight Tactics with the introduction of the TFT Galaxies+ Pass. Here’s how it works.

When Teamfight Tactics first launched as a beta, Riot Games was still exploring how to reward players for their efforts. The concept was essentially what we see in many other online games: a sort of season pass that provides cosmetic rewards for experience gained while playing. For the past few sets, TFT‘s pass has technically been in a “beta,” and therefore free for all players. But we all knew that was only temporary.

The time has come for you to start paying for your rewards. The beta tag is being lifted with the arrival of TFT: Galaxies and with the new set comes the introduction of Teamfight Tactics‘ first paid pass, dubbed Galaxies Pass+.

TFT‘s Galaxies Pass and Galaxies Pass+ will operate like most games’ season pass mechanic. There will be a free track and paid track of rewards that, for simplicity sake, will be combined into a single track. As you play the game and earn experience, rewards will unlock. Of course, Galaxies Pass+ will include a “trove of additional rewards.”

Galaxies Pass+ will cost 1350 RP and will be available for purchase until June 9, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. PT. This will also be the cut off date for when you can earn experience towards this pass. Rewards are retroactive, meaning you can purchase the Galaxies Pass+ at any point throughout the season and any premium rewards you’ve earned along the way will automatically unlock.

Those who stick to the free Galaxies Pass will still unlock new arenas, which have been “seriously upgraded.” Riot didn’t get into detail but did say they are “more than the recolors of the past.” You’ll also get new space-themed emotes and two Little Legends at the end.

The Galaxies Pass+ will immediately unlock over 20 levels of rewards, including the UFO Sprite. Other rewards that can be unlocked include 1- and 2-Star versions of the Astronaut Molediver variant, which will be an limited exclusive for this set.  Riot has also created a new type of cosmetic rewards: Booms.

"These cosmetics modify the damage particles of your Little Legend and units. They come in three tiers of increasing impact and style."

And, of course, there will be all-new Little Legends as well as “extra bonus rewards” at the end. Riot didn’t reveal what the new Little Legends will look like, but you can bet they’ll keep up with the outer space theme of TFT: Galaxies.

Progressing through the Galaxies Pass and Pass+ is also changing — and for the better, too. The Orb of Enlightenment is going away and being replaced with flat XP earned every time you finish a game. There’s also no longer a cap on XP gained from playing.

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As someone with a busy schedule, it wasn’t always possible to log in daily and play five games. Sometimes, I would have more free time on the weekend, but being capped to five games worth of XP seriously hampered my progress. This new system is much more friendly as you can play and earn XP according to your schedule without restrictions.

There will still be missions that reward XP, but the system is also getting an overhaul. The number of missions each week will be lowered from six to three, but they will take longer to finish. Each mission will reward 200 XP upon completion, so there will no longer be any difficulty tiers; although, Riot did say some will be a “bit more challenging (or at least more interesting).”

Previously, the goal of missions was to help teach players basic game mechanics and strategies of Teamfight Tactics. That still may be the case with Galaxies, but it looks like they’ll at least provide a bit more variance; not just “play games until 3-6.”

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Overall, I have to say I’m happy with the proposed changes. While it was fun while it lasted, it was only a matter of time before Riot introduced some sort of revenue-generating system and a season pass seemed like the most obvious course of action. The fact that there is still a free track is nice but I’ll have to see what the rewards are before deciding to upgrade to Galaxies Pass+.