WTSG dominates at the GLL Season 4: Grand Finals

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This past weekend, the GLL Season 4 Grand Finals played host to sixteen of the best PUBG teams from around the world, where WTSG protected an early lead to secure first place and take home $65,000 USD.

Resurrecting their team name from the early days of competitive PUBG, the members of WTSG came together under a new yet familiar emblem for the GLL Season 4 Grand Finals. Originally formed in June of 2018, Welcome To South Georgo made their mark at the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 with a third-place finish that earned them $100,000 USD. A couple of months later, the team was signed by Ninjas In Pyjamas and competed in the PUBG Europe League during PUBG’s inagural pro-league season in 2019.

Following the departure of NiP from PUBG Esports prior to the 2020 season, two of the original members, ‘vard’ and ‘MiracU’, chose to reform under the WTSG flag for the GLL Season 4 qualifiers. They were joined by the recently released ex-Liquid player ‘Sambty’, or ‘Xiong’ as he was known by during this tournament, and the ex-TSM player ‘Iroh’. Each player was to be a sought after free agent, but the two joined ‘vard’ and ‘MiracU’ to create the new and improved WTSG.

“Iroh” playing for TSM at the PUBG Global Championship 2019 : fortyseven communications (fortyseven)
“Iroh” playing for TSM at the PUBG Global Championship 2019 : fortyseven communications (fortyseven) /

The team concluded Day One on a high note with their thirteen-kill win on Erangel, earning themselves a nice twenty-three point bump heading into Day Two. It was during Day Two that WTSG began pulling away with another two chicken dinners, widening the gap that separated them from the rest of the field. The team managed to remain involved in many late-game scenarios with excellent positioning and a collection of kills to match. Towards the end of Day Two, it was becoming more and more apparent that WTSG would be taking home the hardware, absent a catastrophic collapse during Day Three.

Across the eighteen games, it was evident that the addition of ‘Xiong’ (Sambty) and ‘Iroh’ had really taken this team to the next level. It was also evident that teamwork and communication can still be improved amongst the new teammates, but the results will speak for themselves. With this weekend’s PGS: Berlin EU Finals approaching, it will be interesting to see if WTSG can maintain this level of efficiency in the lobby of new competitors. Did they peak too soon? Could they play even better this weekend?

Entering the GLL S4 Grand Finals, it was tough to overlook the new-look rosters of large orgs competing in this tournament. Both FaZe Clan and Team Liquid debuted their new rosters on the international stage and were considered to be favorites in the Grand Finals. Based on the previous success of these teams and the additions made over the break, expectations were at an all-time high for these orgs when the actions kicked off on Friday.

FaZe Clan made one of the more notable moves during the break with the signing of ex-TSM fragger ‘Gustav’ – who led TSM during their 2019 PUBG Global Championship run. The addition of ‘Gustav’ meant that the team would part ways with their long-standing member ‘Mxey’, who was eventually confirmed to be the player rounding out the new Team Liquid roster alongside ‘Kaymind’, ‘Ibiza’, and ‘Jeemzz’.

The GLL S4 Grand Finals were our first look at the new rosters and how the players would cooperate with one another under the bright lights of a Grand Final. For Team Liquid, it’s clear that the additions of ‘Mxey’ and ‘Kaymind’ have balanced the playstyle of this squad. It’s no secret that ‘Ibiza’ and ‘Jeemzz’ take no issue with pulling up on any team and trusting their skill to win the 1V1 – even 2V1 in some cases. That’s sort of what you get with ‘Kaymind’ accompanied by his competitive experience, while also adding an incredibly intelligent and experienced player in ‘Mxey’.

Following a tough start to the weekend, Team Liquid finally began stringing together a handful of productive rounds. The synergy amongst the team was improving with each round and the results on the leaderboard illustrated that. By the end of the eighteenth match on Sunday, Team Liquid was able to pull within twenty-six points of the first-place team and were beat out for second by a single point. Despite some struggles early-on, Team Liquid is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming PGS: Berlin EU Finals – where the team hopes to punch their ticket to the first PGS event of the 2020 Season.

As for FaZe Clan, the GLL S4 Grand Final won’t be one the team looks back on too fondly. From the jump, FaZe was unable to match valuable placement points with their stockpile of kill points and it eventually proved to be the difference in their tournament result. Despite being one of the five teams unable to celebrate a chicken dinner this weekend, FaZe Clan saved their best for last and managed to place within the Top-8, leaving Stockholm with $4,000 USD in prize money. While the team may not have achieved their goals for this event, there isn’t much cause for concern considering recent changes to this roster.

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Call it synergy, call it teamwork, call it whatever – experience as a team is one of the most underrated characters of a team. An event such as this is only going to help FaZe in the long run, just like Team Liquid, this FaZe squad has the PGS: Berlin EU Finals to prepare for. The mediocre outing during this event may have been exactly what the team needed to play their best this weekend in the most important event of the season for this team.

The GLL Season 4 Grand Finals provided fans with a ton of exciting and memorable moments, and as with any GLL event, the production and casting of the tournament were top-notch. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on this upcoming weekend’s PGS: Berlin EU Finals, where many of the same teams from this event will be competing for a top-six placement and invitation to the first PGS event of 2020.