NBA 2K League: Wizards District Gaming select John ‘JBM’ Mascone at no.1

The NBA 2K League Draft concluded and it was John ‘JBM’ Mascone who was selected as the top pick by Wizards District Gaming. Some history was made as well.

The NBA 2K League Draft took place on Saturday in New York, and the first pick went to Wizards District Gaming. Knicks Gaming and Kings Guard Gaming had the second and third overall picks.

With their first selection, the Wizards District went with John “JBM” Mascone to be the top pick of the draft. Ironically, Mascone hails from Irvington, NY, so he was selected in his home state.

Meanwhile, Knicks Gaming selected Christopher “Duck” Charles as the second overall pick in the draft. Kincks Gaming won the inaugural NBA 2K League Finals in 2018 where they defeated Heat Check Gaming.

Kings Guard Gaming went on to grab Rafel “Crush” Davis as the third overall pick of the draft. This pick has a chance to make the team extremely dangerous heading into the 2020 season.

They enjoyed a 10-6 record and made the playoffs in the process. If Davis plays well, and if Kings Guard can keep their consistency, then they have a chance to make a run.

History was also made at the NBA 2K League Draft, as the first Chinese player was picked in the fourth round. Hu “Luck_Yi_Wesley” Yi will be playing for his home country team, the brand new Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai.

There were several other international draft picks that made their way through including Sten “SAV” Valge-Saar who went to Lakers Gaming. Jomar “Jomar-12PR” Varela-Escapa got selected by Pacers Gaming while Brock “NIKO” Nikolakakos got selected by Knicks Gaming, joining Charles.

Lastly, Destiny “JoshJay” Idugboe got the call by Cavs Legion GC as the 59th overall pick and rounded out the international players. As usual, the NBA 2K League season will begin around the start of the NBA playoffs in April.

Several teams enjoyed winning records last year, but it was the expansion T-Wolves Gaming who took the crown as champions. Who’s going raise the trophy this season?

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