MLB The Show 20: Create-a-ballpark still missing from Franchise mode

MLB The Show 20 makes some major improvements to Franchise mode, but still missing is the ability to create your own custom ballpark or stadium.

Earlier this month, Sony San Diego provided an in-depth look at MLB The Show 20‘s Franchise mode. This year’s game will include some exciting new features that’ll get the crowd hyped, such as the ability the customize, rebrand and relocate teams. There’s also, for the first time ever, full minor league rosters.

Yes, there’s a lot to be excited for with MLB The Show 20 if you’re a fan of Franchise mode. But not all of our desires have been fulfilled, however.

Unfortunately absent this year is the ability to create your own ballpark or stadium. In their recent livestream, Sony San Diego took us through ever step of rebranding and relocating a team in Franchise mode.

When it came to selecting a home stadium, it was revealed that there are 60 stadiums to choose from ranging from MLB, Classic Stadiums, Spring Training and Minor League Stadiums. In other words, you can only choose from already-existing stadiums.

Easily one of the most-requested features by fans, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed by the inability to create a ballpark from scratch. What’s even more disappointing is that you can’t even edit any of already-existing stadiums. Even something like replacing the logos or branded colors to match your new team’s look would be appreciated.

As I mentioned before, even Sony San Diego adding some of their own custom stadiums would be appreciated — something, anything that just seems to be unique to your team. I’m not talking about anything crazy, just some generic ballparks to represent the location of where you relocate to and maybe selecting some basic features, like the surrounding area and certain styles (like an open or retractable roof).

It’s kind of pointless to go through the in-depth process of rebranding a team only to have them play in a stadium that doesn’t at all resemble your new look. It kills the immersion and for a studio that prides itself on creating the most realistic baseball sim, you’d think this would be a point of focus.

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I understand that the changes and additions made in MLB The Show 20 probably took a lot of time. That’s why I’m hopeful that create-a-ballpark is in the roadmap for future installments. With rebranding and relocation a point of focus this time around, this hopefully frees up Sony San Diego to focus their efforts on incorporating custom stadiums in the next go-around.