MLB The Show 20 Franchise customization: Rebranding and relocating explained

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MLB The Show 20’s Franchise mode will feature the ability to customize, rebrand and relocate teams, but there’s still much to be desired.

In last week’s developer stream, Sony San Diego finally touched on MLB The Show 20‘s Franchise mode. For the first time in the game’s history, you’ll be able to customize your team via a complete rebrand and relocation.

You’ll be able to begin the team rebranding process either at the start of your new Franchise or during the offseason. Unfortunately, MLB The Show 20 will not offer the ability to create expansion teams; you’ll only be able to replace the current 30-team league. This is the first swing and miss for MLB The Show 20 as most fans desperately want the ability to add expansion teams.

Once you select the team you want to rebrand, you can begin the customization process. The team creator suite is incredibly in-depth with many of the options borrowed from Diamond Dynasty. In this menu, you’ll have the ability to customize  your team details, logo and uniform design.

Customizing your team’s general details involves selecting the three main colors, the location and team name, as well as supported audio for in-game commentary. Also available is the logo editor and logo vault (where you can download and import player created logos). The next part of the creation process involves designing your uniforms; from cap to cleats, you’ll be able to design every aspect of your team’s look.

The last part of your team customization involves relocating and selecting your home stadium. This is where team customization in MLB The Show 20‘s Franchise mode falls short. There are a total of 60 stadiums to choose from, including MLB, Classic Stadiums, Spring Training, and Minor League Stadiums.

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This is, without a doubt, the biggest disappointment. Create-a-ballpark has been one of the most-requested features for years and for it to not make it into this game is a huge letdown.

Perhaps the bigger head-scratcher here is that Sony San Diego didn’t even include any generic stadiums to choose from. It seems a bit odd to be rebranding a team from scratch and relocating to a new city, only to have them play in a stadium with another team’s branding plastered everywhere. A better option would’ve been for Sony to add a few generic stadiums that represent various atmospheres, settings (city, suburbs, coastal, etc.) and styles (open, retractable roof, dome, etc.).

We didn’t need a full create-a-stadium feature in MLB The Show 20 (although that would have been nice). Just the ability to pick a generic ball park and change basic things like colors and logos would have been welcomed.

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The lack of true relocation is undoubtedly a disappointment, but MLB The Show 20‘s team customization options set a nice foundation for future games. Hopefully, this is something Sony San Diego can build on and maybe a stadium customizer is the next big feature to come.