TFT patch 10.3: Removing the Spatula from the carousel is a great decision

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With patch 10.3, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) finally removed the powerful Spatula from the Carousel, reducing the ability to force comps.

Patch 10.3 for Teamfight Tactics (TFT) went live today. With it comes your usual champion and trait balancing and item adjustments. However, one big change in this week’s patch has to do with the removal of a certain item from the Carousel stage.

As of patch 10.3, Spatulas no longer appear during the Carousel stage — at any point in the game. Instead, they will only drop after minion stages and Riot has adjusted the drop rates of content in Gold Boxes to allow for more gold and more spatulas, and less champions.

It’s very rare that a developer makes a move that is widely praised by the entire community, but this is definitely one of them. It’s almost universally supported across TFT‘s subreddit.

And, honestly, it should be. Removing Spatulas from the carousel creates for a more varied, interesting and balanced game.

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Riot Games has always been in favor of a little RNG in Teamfight Tactics. A little randomness helps make each game feel unique and fresh.

TFT is designed as a game in which players must react on the fly. They have to adjust their team comp and strategy based on what they are dealt.

By removing the Spatula from the carousel there is no longer the guarantee that you’ll get it in your game. It means players can no longer force team comps early on that rely on a Spatula. It also makes the early game a bit more interesting as well since you won’t see players losing early on for a chance at an early Spatula.

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It seems right now that the drop rate for the Spatula is somewhat common, so odds are you will get one in your game. But this change at least makes it more fair to everyone. It won’t give the players who intentionally lose early an unfair advantage.

What do you think of Patch 10.3 for TFT? Are you in favor of removing the Spatula?