Clash Royale Season 8: Start date, Log-endary Tower Skin and balance changes

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Clash Royale Season 8 kicks off on February 3. Here are the new Log-endary Tower Skin and upcoming buffs and nerfs.

Supercell Games has revealed the contents of Clash Royale Season 8. Can you even believe we’re in February already?

While Season 8 doesn’t appear to be as grande in scope as Season 7, which introduced the Firecracker card and completely reshaped some of the game’s meta decks, there are numerous balance changes incoming. While specific patch notes haven’t been released by Supercell, has shared a look at the upcoming buffs and reworks.

The Witch will be getting a slight buff in the form of a decrease in first attack time (lowered from 1.0 second to 0.7 second). The Royal Hog is also getting buffed, with a 6 percent increase in damage (56 to 59).

While no “nerfs” were mentioned, two cards are getting reworks.  The Barbarian Hut’s lifetime is being reduced 10 seconds (60 seconds to 50 seconds), but as a trade off, the spawn time for Barbarians will be reduced a second (from 13.5 seconds to 12.5 seconds). Additionally, when the building is destroyed, it will spawn two Barbarians.

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The Zappies are also getting a damage buff of 20 percent (70 to 84) and a reduced first attack time (1.4 seconds to 1.0 second). On the flip side, its hit time will be 20 percent slower (1.6 seconds to 2.0 seconds) and a staggered deploy of .15 second.

Supercell will likely comment on these reworks when the patch notes go live and I’d love to hear their reasoning for these changes. On paper, they look pretty good.

The Witch and Royal Hog have both felt underwhelming. Supercell has been trying to find balance with the Witch and last November reworked her to add area damage to her attacks, but also lowered her overall damage. The general consensus is that these changes in Season 8 still don’t do enough to make her viable as she’s still suffering from a previous change that removed the spawning skeletons upon her death.

The Royal Hogs haven’t really been touched for a while which is probably why they are in need of some love. The buff to damage should help them push towers a bit better.

As for the Barbarian Hut and Zappies, both cards felt a little dated and simply not very useful in the current meta. The jury is still out on just how much these changes will help. I’d say the Zappies were in need of more health instead of damage, but I’d like to hear Supercell’s rationale behind the changes.

As for new content coming in Season 8, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting any new cards. However, a new Log-endary Tower Skin and Crying Royal Ghost emote will be rewarded for those with Pass Royale, the paid season pass. We’ll also be getting a matching Glorious Log emote and Ram Rider First Pump emote.

Speaking of the Ram Rider, it will be Season 8’s card boost. As in the past, this card will be boosted to your King Level for the duration of the Season.

Clash Royale Season 8 begins on February 3. Supercell will likely share official patch notes and change-log details when it goes live.