Clash Royale: New Firecracker card will counter Beatdown decks

Supercell /

Earlier today, Supercell revealed the Firecracker, a new card coming to Clash Royale in Season 7. Here’s how she’ll reshape the Beatdown meta.

With Clash Royale Season 7 approaching, Supercell has given players a look at the new Firecracker card coming next week. Similar to Season 6’s Battle Healer, the Firecracker introduces somewhat of a new mechanic that will undoubtedly reshape certain meta strategies.

Inspired by Penny from Brawl Stars, another Supercell game, the Firecracker shoots a firework out of her homemade bazooka. Upon hitting the first target, it will deal damage to them and then explode into a cone shape, dealing additional damage to units behind that target.

At first glance, the Firecracker seems kind of similar to the Hunter, in the sense that it’s a cone-shaped spread, but she really fills a much different role in Clash Royale. The Hunter is more of a close-range tank killer, whereas the Firecracker seems to be a hard counter to Beatdown decks.

A common strategy in the Beatdown meta is to place a tank, like a Giant or PEKKA or Golem, and then a support unit a few spaces behind. Because of the placement, it can sometimes be hard to take down these support troops in the back. The Firecracker, depending on your geometry, can hit these support troops.

Her distance and shot spread is also useful in countering Elixir Pumps, which are often placed in the corner of the map behind the Princess Tower. The Firecracker’s range allows her to target the tower, but her shrapnel will spread further and chipping away at the Elixir Pump’s health.

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Some players speculate the Firecracker could even counter Log Bait decks as well because of her health. She has the same number of hit points as the Archer, so she’ll be able to survive Log hits, but will be taken out by Arrows.

The Firecracker will undoubtedly reshape many strategies currently being used in Clash Royale, and that’s a good thing. Cards that can keep the game feeling fresh will ensure it remains exciting.

The Firecracker is a common card that will only cost three Elixir. She’ll be available at the start of Season 7 on January 6. You’ll be able to acquire her through a special challenge (or randomly at Hog Mountain once fully released). Like the Battle Healer, unlocking Firecracker will automatically boost her to your King level.