Kingdom Hearts Dark Road: Project Xehanort mobile game has the perfect name

Square Enix
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Project Xehanort is officially called Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, which seems like a perfect title for the upcoming mobile game based on Young Xehanort.

The recently announced Kingdom Hearts mobile game now has an official title: Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. It was previously announced under the working title “Project Xehanort.”

If you’re at all familiar with Xehanort’s complicated backstory, then the name Kingdom Hearts Dark Road makes perfect sense. What we know about the mobile game thus far is that it will tell an all-new, original story centered on Young Xehanort.

Without spoiling too much regarding his backstory from the Dark Seeker Saga, Xehanort believes in finding a perfect balance between darkness and light and seeks to conquer Kingdom Hearts and recreate worlds according to his view. While Dark Road will tell a story of Young Xehanort, it’s unclear if he’ll be the main playable character.

We know Young Xehanort has the ability to travel through time and manipulate events. Will we be playing as him, doing these deeds? Or are we playing as characters affected by decisions? It would certainly be weird playing as the central antagonist of the Dark Seeker Saga.

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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is currently slated to release for mobile devices in Spring 2020. Square Enix has already delayed two of its blockbuster titles — Marvel’s Avengers and Final Fantasy VII Remake — but I can’t imagine that’ll be the case here. Seeing as how it was announced with such a close release window in mind, I’m sure Square Enix is at least somewhat confident it will be ready in time.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will be the second game in the franchise released for mobile. Kingdom Hearts Coded, an episodic puzzle, action-RPG, was released for mobile devices in Japan throughout 2009. It was later brought to Nintendo DS as Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and was then included as a cinematic in Kingdom Heats HD 2.5 ReMIX for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

As for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, if you recall, the original Project Xehanort was announced with a competition in which fans could try and guess the real name of the game. It seems Square Enix has selected the 10 winners based on best guesses, but it also seems that at least one guess was right. That couldn’t have been easy seeing as how complicated the Kingdom Hearts names can get.