Project Xehanort: New Kingdom Hearts mobile game to focus on young series antagonist

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More Kingdom Hearts goodness is on the way thanks to the newly announced mobile game Project Xehanort, which will focus on the mysterious character.

The Dark Seeker Saga may have ended with Kingdom Hearts 3, but we haven’t seen the last of Xehanort. Coinciding with the release of Kingdom Hearts 3’s DLC, Re:Mind, Square Enix has announced another new installment in the series, Project Xehanort.

Not much is known about the game except that it will tell an all-new, original story centered on Young Xehanort, whose backstory in the Kingdom Hearts franchise is far too complicated to sum up in a single sentence or two. Other than that, the rest is a mystery.

We don’t even know the actual title of the game as Project Xehanort seems to just be a codename. Square Enix is actually running a Twitter campaign for fans to guess the name of the game. There’s a website for the game, but right now it only has information pertaining to the competition.

The only clue we have right now is that the title is eight letters and two words. The campaign ends on January 28 and 10 winners will be selected, although I don’t know how Square Enix will determine a winner. Given the complicated naming conventions in the Kingdom Hearts series, I can’t imagine anyone will correctly guess the title of Project Xehanort; but, I look forward to seeing some entries.

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Project Xehanort will be released for mobile devices. Square Enix is targeting a Spring 2020 launch, but the publisher hasn’t had a great track record this year having already delayed Marvel’s Avengers and Final Fantasy VII Remake. The good thing is Project Xehanort is a mobile game, so maybe it’ll actually be released on time.

Project Xehanort isn’t the first Kingdom Hearts game to be released for mobile. Kingdom Hearts Coded was an episodic puzzle game with action-RPG elements, mini-games and platforming. It was later released for the Nintendo DS as Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and then included as a cinematic in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX for PS3 and PS4.

I guess what I’m saying is even though Project Xehanort is coming to mobile, I wouldn’t count out a release on other platforms in the future. And, of course, who knows what kind of ties this episode will have in the future of the franchise as we move beyond the Dark Seeker Saga.