How to transfer your Diamond Dynasty Logo to MLB The Show 20

Credit: Sony San Diego
Credit: Sony San Diego /

If you want to use your current Diamond Dynasty Logo in MLB The Show 20, follow these steps to upload it to the Vault before the cut off.

Are you attached to your current Diamond Dynasty Logo and not quite ready to say your goodbyes? Sony San Diego is allowing you the chance to upload your logo to the Logo Vault in order to access it in MLB The Show 20.

Don’t worry, it’s super easy. Just make sure you do it before February 7, 2020, which is the cut off date. To upload your current Diamond Dynasty Logo to the Logo Vault, simply follow these seven steps:

  1. Go to the Community tab
  2. Select “Vaults” and then select “Logo Vault”
  3. From the “Logo Vault” push the “Options” button on your controller
  4. Select “Upload”
  5. Select the logo you want to upload
  6. Name your logo, give it a brief description, and choose a “type” from the provided list
  7. Push the “Square” button on your controller

According to Sony, once you do this, you should see your logo on the first page of the Logo Vault. However, once you transfer your logo, it will no longer be tied to your PSN ID. In other words, pick a name that’s unique but also something you can remember so that you can easily search for it if you don’t see it. This should also be a given, but make sure your logo doesn’t violate the PlayStation Terms of Service and User Agreement.

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MLB The Show 20 hits the batters box on March 17, 2020 and will presumably be the last time the game is exclusive to PlayStation. A new partnership agreement will see the signature baseball franchise expanded to new platforms as early as 2021. While nothing has been announced, this likely means a release on Xbox and possibly Nintendo Switch and PC.

As for this year’s version of the game, Sony recently shared the first gameplay trailer which featured plenty of reveals and exciting teases. A breakdown of the trailer confirmed plenty of exciting additions, such as new animations and defense and fielding changes.

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Sony hasn’t gone too deep into Diamond Dynasty, but did tease the new Showdown game mode. The developer livestream dedicated to Diamond Dynasty is scheduled for March 7, which is when we’ll learn more about “Showdown” and get a sneak peek at new content and more new Legends. The first trailer already confirmed Gary Sheffield, Shane Victorino, David Ortiz, Mariano Rivera and John Franco.